10 Movies That Will Shock You, Based on Real Crimes

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, along with their gang, terrorized rural gas stations and small shops through a series of robberies.

Movies are an excellent source of entertainment. When you watch something based on a true story, it becomes even more interesting.

Whether you enjoy real-life documentaries or want to try a different genre, crime movies based on true events have a significant appeal to many people.

Even if you’re not interested in them, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from them.

You may even find movies on this list that you didn’t know were inspired by real-life crimes!

City of God (2002)

This movie is based on some of the life events of photographer Wilson Rodriguez.

The movie is set in Rio de Janeiro and follows the growth of organized crime in one of the local suburbs.

The story spans from the 1960s to the 1980s, following a gang of criminals who rob, kill, and deal drugs.

Memories of Murder (2003)

Set in South Korea during the late 1980s, this true crime movie tells the story of Detectives Park and Seo as they try to solve serious crimes of rape and murder.

The two characters have an appeal to many audiences through the comedy aspects of this movie, making it a unique and intriguing thriller to watch.

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

After a bank in Brooklyn was robbed in 1972, a LIFE magazine article was written, which later provided inspiration for this particular movie.

The movie was released in 1975, not long after the robbery itself took place.

After a bank robbery goes wrong and Sonny, Sal, and Stevie find only a little over $1,000 in the safe, a terrifying afternoon of kidnapping and demands ensues.

Starring the legendary Al Pacino, this movie is a must-see for any true crime fans.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie was a real hit in the cinemas when it was released back in 2013.

It is based on the story of Jordan Belfort, who spent 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and other crimes related to the stock market.

In 2007, he decided to publish his memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street, which was later made into the popular movie it is today.

After getting involved in the stock market, Jordan Belfort soon learned of the typical culture of greed that often prevails in this industry.

Aggressive with his sales tactics and with the idea that his main goal is to make himself money, Belfort soon made huge amounts of money from criminal and fraudulent activity.

Public Enemies (2009)

In 2004, Bryan Burrough wrote a book titled “Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34“.

John Dillinger was one of the criminals featured in the book, which focused on the Great Depression era in America.

The movie “Public Enemies” is roughly based on events described in Burrough’s book and is a tragic story of love, crime, and friendship that is enjoyed by lovers of real crime movies. The film portrays the romance between John Dillinger and Billie Frechette, their friendships in and out of prison, and the FBI’s relentless chase. “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967) is another true crime movie that takes place during the Great Depression and follows the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and their gang, who robbed rural gas stations and small shops and were responsible for killing nine policemen and multiple civilians. In “The Iceman” (2012), Richard Kuklinski conceals his crimes by freezing victims’ bodies and is heavily involved in drugs, arms, and pornography. “Savage Grace” (2007) follows Barbara Daly Baekeland, married to the heir of a wealthy estate, and her son Antony, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and became a source of many problems for Barbara. “In Cold Blood” (1967) tells the story of four murders that took place in Kansas during 1959, where Richard Hickock and Perry Smith commit four murders while attempting a robbery. “Snowtown” (2011) is based on Australia’s longest and most notorious trials, the Snowtown murders case, which involves John Bunting and Robert Wagner committing twelve murders and is a tale of homophobia, drugs, and violent behavior.

Choose Your First Real Crime Movie to Watch

If you’re in the mood for some real crime action, we’ve got you covered. With our selection of movies, you’ll have enough options to keep you entertained for weeks. So, which one will you choose to watch first?


1. What are some of the most shocking movies based on real crimes?

Some of the most shocking movies based on real crimes include “Monster” (based on the life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos), “Zodiac” (based on the unsolved case of the Zodiac Killer), and “The Girl Next Door” (based on the murder of Sylvia Likens). These movies often provide a disturbing and thought-provoking look into some of the most heinous crimes committed in history.

2. Why do filmmakers choose to make movies based on real crimes?

Filmmakers often choose to make movies based on real crimes because they provide a sense of realism and authenticity that can’t be replicated in fictional stories. Additionally, these stories often have a built-in audience who are interested in true crime and enjoy seeing their favorite cases brought to life on the big screen.

3. How accurate are these movies compared to the real crimes?

While some movies based on real crimes are incredibly accurate, others take creative liberties for the sake of entertainment. It’s important to remember that these movies are not documentaries, and filmmakers often take artistic license to create a more compelling story. However, many movies do strive for accuracy and consult with experts and those close to the case to ensure that the story is as true to life as possible.

4. Are these movies appropriate for all audiences?

No, many of the movies based on real crimes are not appropriate for all audiences. They often contain graphic violence, sexual content, and other disturbing themes that may not be suitable for children or those who are sensitive to such content. It’s important to research the movie and its content before deciding to watch it.

5. Why do people enjoy watching movies based on real crimes?

People enjoy watching movies based on real crimes because they provide a glimpse into the darker side of human nature. They allow us to explore the psychology of criminals and the motivations behind their actions. Additionally, these movies often provide a sense of closure for those who have followed the case and may have unanswered questions. Overall, they offer a unique and fascinating look into some of the most notorious crimes in history.

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