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January is known as “Bath Safety Month,” so grab your rubber duck and bubble bath and enjoy the month!

The month of January was named by the Romans after the God Janus, who was the God of Gateways. January is considered as the gateway to the new year and is celebrated with great merriment and new year’s resolutions which are usually unachievable.

Did you know that January 17th is the day to give up on your new year’s resolution? Or that January 21st is Hugging Day? January is filled with wacky and weird days, and here are some of the most awesome ones!

If you’re interested in knowing what events took place on each day in history in January, click on the link provided for each date.

1st January – Z Day.

Z Day celebrates people with names that begin with the letter “Z,” it’s not about the rising of the dead.

2nd January – Pet Safety Travel Day.

This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of traveling with an unsecured pet in your car.

3rd January – Drinking Straw Day.

Drinking Straw Day marks the creation of the modern drinking straw and is celebrated by drinking all the day’s liquids through a straw! You can even use a reusable straw.

4th January – Spaghetti Day.

On Spaghetti Day, celebrate one of the world’s most loved foods by simply having some spaghetti!

5th January – Whipped Cream Day.

Celebrate everyone’s favorite aerosol-canned food by blasting yourself a mouthful of whipped cream and shouting, “Whipped Cream Day!”

6th January – Cuddle Up Day.

On Cuddle Up Day, grab a duvet and cuddle up on the sofa with your loved ones or pets and watch some Netflix.

7th January – I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day.

Use this day to stand up for yourself and tell those who give you grief that you’re done with it. It’s also a perfect day for a strike!

8th January – Joy Germ Day.

A Joy Germ is a germ that is passed on through a smile in the hopes that others catch the germ and smile in turn. So smile, people!

9th January – Static Electricity Day.

Generate static electricity on a carpet whilst wearing a onesie and give a friend a static shock because today is Static Electricity Day!

10th January – Peculiar People Day.

Celebrate all those who are a little quirky, weird, or eccentric on Peculiar People Day.

11th January – Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day.

The name of the article speaks for itself, and what better time to celebrate than in January when there are puddles everywhere! The article highlights various unusual holidays celebrated around the world, such as Marzipan Day, Skeptics Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, Hat Day, Nothing Day, Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, Popcorn Day, Penguin Awareness Day, Hugging Day, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and Measure Your Feet Day. Each holiday is briefly described with an accompanying image. Marzipan Day encourages finishing off leftover marzipan from Christmas, Skeptics Day urges people to question things that seem too good to be true, Dress Up Your Pet Day gives pet owners an excuse to dress up their pets, Hat Day celebrates the necessity of wearing hats during cold weather, Nothing Day has no particular purpose, Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day encourages people to abandon their resolutions, Winnie the Pooh Day celebrates the birthday of A. A. Milne, Popcorn Day is best celebrated at the movies, Penguin Awareness Day raises awareness about penguins, Hugging Day promotes the act of hugging loved ones, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day encourages people to interpret their cat’s behavior and provide an answer, and Measure Your Feet Day is a day to measure the length of your feet.

Here are some unique and interesting days to celebrate in January!

First up, on the 24th, it’s Belly Laugh Day. Laughing has numerous benefits, like boosting your immune system and burning calories, so why not have a good laugh and celebrate?

On the 25th, it’s Opposite Day. Instead of doing nothing, try doing something out of the ordinary.

January 26th is Australia Day, a celebration of the beautiful country filled with beaches, barbecues, and beer. Take some time to learn some interesting facts about Australia!

The 27th is Chocolate Cake Day, the perfect excuse to indulge in this sweet treat.

Data Privacy Day falls on the 28th, a day to think about how secure your personal data is online and find ways to make it more secure.

On the 29th, it’s Freethinkers Day, a day to challenge the status quo and think for yourself.

The 30th is Insane Answering Machine Day, a chance to prank your friends with a hilarious voicemail.

Lastly, on the 31st, it’s Backward Day. Try doing things backwards or even writing backwards!

January is filled with so many amazing days to celebrate, so take some time to enjoy them all!


1. What is the significance of January as a month?

January is the first month of the year, which makes it significant for many people. It is the time when new beginnings are celebrated, and people set goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Additionally, January is a month of winter, which means that many holidays and traditions revolve around this season.

2. What are some special days celebrated in January?

January is home to many special days, including New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and National Hugging Day. Additionally, there are many lesser-known holidays celebrated throughout the month, such as National Popcorn Day and National Kazoo Day.

3. How is New Year’s Day celebrated around the world?

New Year’s Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In some countries, such as Japan, it is traditional to visit a shrine or temple and pray for good luck in the new year. In other countries, such as Spain, people eat 12 grapes at midnight to bring good fortune for each month of the year. In the United States, many people celebrate with parties and fireworks.

4. What is the history behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday in the United States that honors the life and legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. It is celebrated on the third Monday of January, close to his birthday on January 15th. The holiday was first observed in 1986, and it is a time to reflect on King’s message of equality and justice for all.

5. What is the significance of National Hugging Day?

National Hugging Day, celebrated on January 21st, is a day to spread love and kindness through the simple act of hugging. The holiday was created by Kevin Zaborney in 1986, and it has since become a popular way to connect with others and show appreciation. Hugging has been shown to have many health benefits, such as reducing stress and improving mood.

6. How can one celebrate National Kazoo Day?

National Kazoo Day, celebrated on January 28th, is a fun and quirky holiday that celebrates the kazoo, a small musical instrument. To celebrate, one can play kazoo music, host a kazoo parade, or even make their own kazoo. The holiday is a reminder to embrace the joy and silliness in life, and to make music a part of everyday celebrations.

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