March 20: Snowman Burning Day

Snowman Burning Day is a celebration of the changing of seasons, bidding farewell to winter and welcoming spring.

Observed every year on March 20, Snowman Burning Day has a fascinating history behind it.

This special occasion signifies the transition from winter to spring.

How to burn a snowman?

This may sound funny, but in reality, it’s not an actual snowman that is burned.

The snowmen are made of straw, paper, wood, and wire and painted to resemble a snowman.

Over the years, they have been as tall as 3 meters and have been designed according to the latest events.

When was Snowman Burning Day first celebrated?

The Unicorn Hunters, a former campus club, celebrated Snowman Burning Day for the first time at Lake Superior State University (LSSU) on March 20, 1971.

They were inspired by the ‘Rose Sunday Festival’ in Germany where the mayor passes through the town with a straw snowman.

If the children have been well-behaved, studied hard, and obeyed their parents, the mayor orders the straw snowman to be burned.

Where do people celebrate?

Despite being one of the coldest areas in the country, Lake Superior marks the end of winter with a festival, including hot dogs, burgers, poetry, and the biggest fire of the year.

American and Swiss citizens mainly celebrate this traditional occasion.

It’s surprising that Snowman Burning Day is not celebrated anywhere else, although it’s a perfect reason to have a fun-filled day.

Environmental concerns led to the cancellation of Snowman Burning Day in 1992. However, the public’s protest against the decision was so strong that the event has been ongoing ever since.


What is Snowman Burning Day?

Snowman Burning Day is a quirky tradition celebrated on March 20th in some parts of the United States. This day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People build snowman figures during the winter season and on this day, they gather to burn them in a big bonfire. It is a fun way to say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warmer weather. The origins of this tradition are unclear, but it is believed to have started in the 1970s in a college town in Pennsylvania.

Is it safe to burn snowmen?

While burning snowmen may seem dangerous, people take necessary precautions to ensure safety. The snowmen are usually made of materials that are safe to burn, such as paper and wood. The bonfire is also supervised by firefighters and other professionals to prevent accidents. It is important to note that this tradition should only be carried out in designated areas and with proper permission from the authorities.

What other activities are associated with Snowman Burning Day?

Aside from burning snowmen, people also engage in other activities during Snowman Burning Day. Some communities hold parades where people dress up in costumes and carry signs that say goodbye to winter. Others have snowman building contests where participants create unique and creative snowman figures. There are also food and drinks served during the celebration, such as hot cocoa and s’mores. It is a festive and lighthearted event that brings communities together.

Can anyone participate in Snowman Burning Day?

Yes, anyone can participate in Snowman Burning Day as long as they follow the rules and regulations set by the organizers. It is a family-friendly event that welcomes people of all ages. It is a great opportunity to bond with friends and neighbors while enjoying the outdoors. If you are interested in joining the celebration, check with your local community to see if they have any Snowman Burning Day activities planned.

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