What is the Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon is the full moon that appears in April, named after the pink-colored flowers that bloom in the spring.

Although it may sound rare and magical, the Pink Moon occurs every year, along with other full moons named after seasonal events.

The Pink Moon is considered a symbol of spring and the changes that come with it.

What is a Pink Moon?

A Pink Moon is the first full moon of April, occurring after the March equinox and signifying the full arrival of spring and regrowth of flora.

The name “Pink Moon” comes from the pink blanket of phlox or moss phlox flowers that cover the ground during this time in North America, while other parts of the northern hemisphere have their own pink blossoms.

Why is it called a Pink Moon?

Despite its name, the Pink Moon is not actually pink. It is named after the pink elements of spring, including the blooming of flowers like phlox.

The practice of naming full moons after seasonal events comes from ancient traditions of tracking time and seasons.

The name “Pink Moon” is believed to originate from Native American culture due to the prevalence of phlox in North America.

Does it always go by the name Pink Moon?

While the Pink Moon is the most common name for the first full moon of April, it also goes by other names such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon.

Each name reflects different seasonal events, such as the sprouting of red grass or the beginning of fish swimming upstream.

Final Thoughts

A Pink Moon is a full moon that happens in April and is named after the pink flowers that bloom during this time of year.

Despite the fact that the moon is not actually pink, there are many natural elements during this season, such as phlox blossoms, that give the ground a pink hue.

The other names for a Pink Moon represent the vitality of life and the renewal of nature after a long and harsh winter.


1. What is a Pink Moon?

A Pink Moon is the name given to a full moon that occurs in April. The name comes from the pink flowers of a wildflower called moss phlox that typically bloom around the same time as the full moon in April. However, it’s important to note that despite the name, the Pink Moon doesn’t actually appear pink in color.

2. How often does a Pink Moon occur?

A Pink Moon occurs once a year, typically in April. However, the exact date can vary from year to year, as the full moon can fall on different days depending on the lunar cycle.

3. Why is the Pink Moon significant?

The Pink Moon is significant to many cultures and religions around the world. In some Native American traditions, the Pink Moon is seen as a time for planting and new beginnings. In other cultures, it’s associated with fertility and growth.

4. How can I see the Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon can be seen with the naked eye, as it’s just a full moon like any other. However, the date and time of the full moon can vary depending on your location, so it’s important to check a lunar calendar to find out when the Pink Moon will be visible in your area.

5. Is the Pink Moon actually pink?

No, despite the name, the Pink Moon doesn’t actually appear pink in color. It’s called the Pink Moon because it typically occurs around the same time as the blooming of pink flowers like moss phlox, but the moon itself remains its usual white or yellow color.

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