20 Fascinating Facts About the Nintendo 64

The final Nintendo 64 cartridge game ever produced was “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” and was released in 2002.

The Nintendo 64, also known as N64, was a revolutionary console that broke new ground in many ways.

It was a console that introduced many firsts and lasts in the world of modern gaming, and it played a significant role in shaping gaming as we know it today.

There are several surprising facts about the N64 that you might not know.

For instance, did you know that they received assistance in designing the graphics drive or that there was a disc-drive expansion for the N64?

All of these and more fascinating facts are presented here, so all you retro readers out there can enjoy them.

The N64 underwent several name changes before its release. During the development phase, it was referred to as ‘Project Reality’ by the developers. Later, it was named the ‘Nintendo Ultra 64’ in honor of several toys made in the 1960s, such as the ‘Ultra Hand.’ However, this name was shortened to just the ‘Nintendo 64’ as Konami owned the trademark for ‘Ultra Games.’

When the N64 was released, it was in high demand. Several celebrities, including Steven Spielberg, Matthew Perry, and a few of the Chicago Bulls, attempted to use their celebrity status to get preferential treatment in obtaining one.

By December 31, 2009, the N64 had sold 32.93 million units. Of these, 5.54 million were sold in Japan, 6.76 million in other regions worldwide, and a staggering 20.63 million were sold in the Americas. That’s right, just under two-thirds of N64s sold in the first year were sold in North and South America!

The Nintendo 64 was a revolutionary console as it was the first 64-bit processor console.

The N64’s controller was also the first to feature an analog stick. That’s right, 3D graphics AND the analog stick, the N64 really did have it all.

However, the analog stick wasn’t all good news. Many of the mini-games in Mario Party required players to use the analog stick, often resulting in players getting blisters on their hands. After a successful lawsuit against Nintendo, they were legally required to provide gloves to players as a safety measure with the game.

When most people think of the N64, they picture the gray console that Nintendo initially released. However, as Nintendo experienced success with the N64, they released a range of different colored N64s, including green, blue, orange, red, black, and pink.

In addition to the different-colored consoles, Nintendo also released some special edition versions of the N64, such as two blue and one orange Pikachu editions, a Pokémon Battle Set version, a Jungle Green edition to commemorate the release of Donkey Kong 64, and a Gold edition exclusively available at Toys R Us stores.

Speaking of Donkey Kong 64, this game holds the record for having the longest gameplay duration among all N64 games.

When the Nintendo 64 was initially released, it only had two games available to users worldwide. However, Japan was fortunate enough to receive a third game, Saikyo Habu Shogi, along with Super Mario 64 and Pilot Wings 64.

Nintendo released a small number of games for the N64 to begin with, but eventually built up a library of almost 400 games. The final N64 cartridge ever made was Tony Hawk Pro Skater, released in 2002. The N64 was banned in South Korea after World War II due to a ban on Japanese cultural imports, so it was released by South Korean company Hyundai and rebranded as the Comboy 64. The N64 was the last major console to use cartridges, but it did have a disc drive add-on called the 64DD showcased at the 1999 Space World Today game show in Japan. The N64 also had an online service, but it was only available in Japan. Founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen, proposed an online service for the N64, but Nintendo wanted full control. In Japan, the N64 was not as popular as the PlayStation due to a lack of RPGs. The N64 was released in 1996, after the Sega Saturn and PlayStation, but its low cost made it popular. The N64 is not considered a collectible console and can be purchased for around $100. Silicon Graphics and MIPS technology helped develop the N64’s 3D graphics hardware and microprocessor, leading to the revolutionary graphics we see today.


1. What year was the Nintendo 64 released?

The Nintendo 64 was released in North America in September 1996.

2. How many games were released for the Nintendo 64?

A total of 296 games were released for the Nintendo 64.

3. What was the first game released for the Nintendo 64?

The first game released for the Nintendo 64 was Super Mario 64.

4. How many controllers could be plugged into the Nintendo 64?

The Nintendo 64 had four controller ports, allowing four players to play at once.

5. What was unique about the controller for the Nintendo 64?

The Nintendo 64 controller was unique in that it had a central joystick, allowing for more precise movement in 3D games.

6. What was the best-selling game for the Nintendo 64?

The best-selling game for the Nintendo 64 was Super Mario 64, with over 11 million copies sold worldwide.

7. Was the Nintendo 64 the first console to use cartridges?

No, the Nintendo 64 was not the first console to use cartridges. However, it was the last major console to do so before the industry moved onto CD-based games.

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