5 Interesting Facts About Dodgems

The Dodgem Company, owned by the Stoehrer brothers, was the first to patent bumper cars.

During one Dodgem ride, I almost caused a serious accident. My sister and I were driving behind two stalled kids. I hit the gas, my sister screamed, and we collided with the children’s car. One kid laughed, but the other was in pain. We left the scene quickly, feeling guilty.

Though I love Dodgems, I only recently discovered why they’re called Dodgems. Originally, riders were meant to dodge each other, not crash.

Early bumper cars lacked steering capabilities.

The first Dodgems often spun out of control due to their poor steering systems. However, this only added to the thrill of the ride.

Dodgems were not safe at first.

The cars were poorly constructed and prone to falling apart after collisions. Fairground workers had to repair the dented and missing tin panels every night.

Despite their flaws, Dodgems have remained popular for decades.

After the first season of Dodgems, all the cars had to be burned as they were beyond repair.

In one place in Russia, colliding with other cars on the bumper cars would result in getting kicked off.

During the early days of Dodgems’ global expansion, it was customary to avoid bumping into other cars.

Moreover, adults and children rode on separate sets of Dodgems back then.

The kids would occasionally bump into each other, but they were rarely penalized for it.

However, fairground owners often reprimanded adults for bumping into others.

In Russia, one fun fair took it to the extreme by kicking out adults who collided with another car while on the bumper cars.

Bumper cars were a massive success, like a really huge success.

Initial reviews of the Dodgems described them as “unmanageable” due to their poor steering.

Despite doubling the ride price from 15 cents to 30 cents, the Stoehrer brothers reported consistent crowds of 40-50 people waiting for a ride during the first season.

The crowds continued throughout the summer, and the Dodgem Company flourished for many summers until the industry was taken over by the next generation of bumper car designs.


1. What are dodgems?

Dodgems, also known as bumper cars, are a type of amusement ride that is popular in theme parks and carnivals around the world. They consist of small electric cars that are designed to bump into each other, creating a fun and exciting experience for riders. Dodgems typically run on a flat surface, with riders controlling the speed and direction of their cars as they navigate around the ride.

2. When were dodgems invented?

The first dodgem ride was invented in the early 1920s by Max and Harold Stoehrer, two brothers from Massachusetts. Their invention was originally called the “Bump ‘n’ Go” and was designed to be a safer alternative to the rollercoasters and other high-speed rides that were popular at the time. The Stoehrer brothers’ invention quickly caught on, and by the 1930s, dodgems had become a staple of theme parks and carnivals around the world.

3. How do dodgems work?

Dodgems work by using a combination of electricity, metal plates, and rubber tires. The cars are powered by a small electric motor, which is connected to a metal plate on the floor of the ride. As the car moves across the plate, it completes an electrical circuit, causing the motor to turn and move the car forward. The rubber tires on the car help to absorb some of the impact when the car bumps into other cars on the ride.

4. Are dodgems safe?

While dodgems are designed to be a safe and fun experience for riders, there is always some risk involved in any amusement ride. Riders should be aware of the rules and guidelines for the ride, and should always use caution when driving their car. Most dodgem rides have safety features such as seat belts or lap bars to help keep riders in their cars, and ride operators are trained to monitor the ride and ensure that everyone is following the rules.

5. What are some fun facts about dodgems?

– The largest collection of dodgem cars in the world belongs to a man named Richard Cushing, who has over 100 different cars in his collection.
– In 2009, a group of engineers in the UK built a giant dodgem ride that was over 50 feet tall and could reach speeds of up to 100 mph.
– The term “dodgems” comes from the idea that the cars are designed to be dodged or “bumper-bumped” by other cars on the ride.
– In some countries, dodgem rides are known as “autoscooters” or “dodgem cars.”
– The first dodgem ride was originally designed to be powered by a gasoline engine, but was later switched to an electric motor for safety reasons.

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