6 Reasons Why the Characters on LOST Werent Dead the Whole Time

Did you know that many viewers of the TV show LOST believe that the characters were dead the whole time? However, this is not true and here are six reasons why:

In 2004, the ABC network launched three new series including LOST. The show lasted for six seasons before concluding in May 2010. A decade later, people still believe that the characters were dead the whole time, but this is simply not true.

1. The “Flash Sideways” Was Real

The “awakenings” shown throughout season 6 are real moments where the characters remember their time on the island. If they were dead the whole time, they wouldn’t need to awaken from this world. They also wouldn’t understand what was happening in the “flash-sideways” and why they needed to meet at the church in the series finale.

2. Dying While Already Dead Makes No Sense

If the characters were dead the whole time, it wouldn’t make sense for some to survive the initial crash, or for characters like Boone to die again. While the show includes sci-fi/fantasy elements like the Smoke Monster, dying while already dead simply doesn’t fit with the show’s logic.

3. The Real World Continued

The show includes real-world events post-crash, such as Christopher Reeve’s death, George W. Bush’s re-election, and the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. If the characters were dead the whole time, there would be no need to feature these events.

Jack was shocked when he saw the tape of the Red Sox winning the championship after 86 years. Ben promised to take Jack home if he helped him. If the characters were already dead, they wouldn’t have had access to this footage or a reason to use it to lure Jack into helping Ben. The flash sideways world was created by the characters, and there would be no reason to create it if they were already dead. Christian’s speech in the finale explained that Jack and his friends all died at some point, but not necessarily at the moment of the crash. Christian also said that everything that happened to Jack was real, and that some people died long after the crash. If everyone died in the initial crash, the other passengers would not have been the most important people in Jack’s life.

It is emphasized in Christian’s speech and by the writers that all the events that occurred in LOST were real, including the plane crash, survival, rescue, meeting a man who never aged, and being terrorized by Island-dwelling Others and a Smoke Monster. The creators, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, have confirmed that the characters were not dead the whole time despite speculation. Cuse commented at the PaleyFest panel that the crash occurred, the characters survived, and were on a very real island, but by the time of the church scene, they had all been dead. Shots of the broken plane on the beach were shown at the end of the series to act as a buffer and lull, but it exacerbated the problem when people saw footage of the plane with no survivors. Both the series itself and the creators show definitive proof that the characters were not dead the whole time on LOST.


1. How did the characters survive the initial plane crash?

While it may have appeared that the characters died in the plane crash, it was later revealed that they actually survived. The island on which they crashed had special healing properties, which allowed them to survive even the most fatal injuries. Furthermore, the island was protected by a mysterious force that prevented any outsiders from entering without permission. This combination of factors allowed the characters to survive the initial crash.

2. Who were the “others” on the island?

The “others” were a group of people who had been living on the island for a long time before the plane crash. They had developed their own society and way of life, and were fiercely protective of their island. While the characters initially saw them as a threat, it was later revealed that they were simply trying to protect the island from outsiders.

3. What was the significance of the numbers?

The numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, were a recurring theme throughout the show. They were first introduced as the numbers that Hurley used to win the lottery, but it was later revealed that they had a much deeper significance. They were connected to a mysterious force on the island that had the power to manipulate time and space.

4. How did the characters leave the island?

After spending several years on the island, the characters were finally able to leave thanks to a series of events that led them to a hidden underwater station. From there, they were able to activate a device that sent them back in time, allowing them to change the course of events and ultimately leave the island.

5. What was the “flash-sideways” timeline?

The “flash-sideways” timeline was a parallel universe that was introduced in the final season of the show. It showed what would have happened if the characters had never crashed on the island and had instead lived out their lives in a world without the island’s mysterious influence.

6. What was the ultimate fate of the characters?

In the end, it was revealed that the characters had actually died at various points throughout the show, but had been brought together in the afterlife to find closure and move on to the next stage of their existence. While some fans were disappointed with this ending, others found it to be a satisfying conclusion to the show’s complex mythology.

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