Interesting Facts About Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is an outdoor sport that combines the thrill and danger of an “extreme” sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. It involves taking an iron and a board to remote locations and ironing a few items of laundry. This can be done on a mountainside, preferably on a difficult climb, or taking an iron skiing, scooting, or canoeing.

When Did Extreme Ironing Start?

The idea of extreme ironing started in Leicester, England, in 1997. In June 1999, there was a global recruitment campaign in America, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Southern Africa. This led to the formation of Extreme Ironing International, which is when it became recognized as a sport. In 2000, a group of enthusiastic Germans took extreme ironing back to Germany and established a sister office. This led to the creation of Eso Ironing, a division of EI that combines ironing with meditation principles, and a German extreme ironing research center that explores the physics of the sport.

Extreme Ironing World Championships

In 2002, the German Extreme Ironing Section held the highly successful World Championships in the village of Valley near Munich. The individual event was won by German ironist, Hot Pants, and a British team won the team event. The World Championships sparked the worldwide expansion of extreme ironing, with several other countries such as Austria, Croatia, Chile, and Australia demonstrating a talent for the sport.

How to Participate in Extreme Ironing?

If you’re interested in participating in extreme ironing, all you need is an iron, a board, and some clothes. It is recommended that you start in your backyard before moving on to more extreme locations like mountainsides, woods, or public places. Keep in mind that the more extreme the location, the more money you may have to spend on equipment. Also, remember that the iron needs to be hot, which can be challenging for underwater ironing as plugging it in may lead to a shock!


What is extreme ironing?

Extreme ironing is a unique sport that combines the mundane task of ironing with extreme outdoor activities. Participants in extreme ironing travel to remote and sometimes dangerous locations, such as mountaintops, forests, and even underwater, to iron clothing. The sport is a blend of thrill-seeking, creativity, and domestic chores.

When did extreme ironing originate?

The exact origin of extreme ironing is unknown, but it is believed to have started in England in the mid-1990s. The sport gained popularity in the early 2000s, and there are now organized competitions held around the world, including the Extreme Ironing World Championships.

What equipment do you need for extreme ironing?

The equipment needed for extreme ironing is relatively simple. Participants typically use a standard iron and ironing board, along with any necessary cleaning supplies. The key is to have a portable and lightweight set-up that can be easily transported to remote locations. Safety equipment, such as helmets and harnesses, may also be necessary, depending on the location and activity.

Is extreme ironing dangerous?

Like any extreme sport, extreme ironing has inherent risks. Participants must be skilled in both ironing and the chosen activity, as well as have proper safety training and equipment. The sport should only be attempted by experienced individuals and should never be done alone. Participants have been injured and even killed while extreme ironing, so it is essential to take all necessary precautions.

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