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Did you know that July, the warmest month in the UK, is known as both Picnic Month and Ice Cream Month? Lord Byron once commented that July is the month when English winter ends, only to recommence in August. However, let’s ignore Lord Byron and focus on the positive things about July.

This month was originally the fifth month of the old calendar and was known as Quintilis, meaning fifth. Named after famed Roman Emperor Julius Caesar by decision of the Roman Senate in 44 BC, July is a unique month.

Interestingly, July is the month when seven US Presidents have died, making it the month with the highest number of Presidential deaths. It is also the midpoint of the year.

If you want to know what events happened on each day in history in July, click the link on the dates. Let’s dive into some of the special days celebrated in July.

1st July – Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day.

On this day, people get creative with their ice cream flavors. Some try flavors they wouldn’t usually eat, like mint chocolate chip. Others go for more unusual flavors like crocodile egg ice cream in the Philippines or raw horse flesh flavored ice cream in Tokyo.

2nd July – I Forgot Day.

Founded in 1999 by Gaye Anderson, this day is about making up for all the things that have been forgotten so far in the year, like birthdays, anniversaries, and gatherings. It’s a day to clear your conscience and make things right.

3rd July – International Plastic Bag Free Day.

This day is about making a small change in your daily routine, like taking a reusable bag to the shop or not using a plastic bag at all, to make a big change in the world. In the UK, this day is easier to observe now that plastic bags cost 5p pretty much everywhere.

4th July – Independence from Meat Day.

This day challenges people to go meat-free for a day. It also honors all the vegetarians out there who have sworn never to eat a tasty bacon sandwich again.

While choosing to go meat-free may not necessarily save animals in a world of mass production, I will take it upon myself to reduce meat waste by enjoying a delicious bacon sandwich on this day.

July 5th – Bikini Day.

This day commemorates the invention of the bikini by Parisian fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946. It’s the perfect excuse to hit the beach and soak up some sun!

July 6th – Kissing Day.

Did you know that kissing for one minute can burn three calories? Celebrate this joyous day by planting a smooch on your loved one!

July 7th – Tell The Truth Day.

Today is all about creating a more truthful world, even if just for a day. Practice honesty, but be mindful of others’ feelings and avoid being too brutal with your truths.

July 8th – SCUD Day.

Contrary to what you may think, SCUD Day isn’t about honoring Russian ballistic missiles. Instead, it stands for “Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama.” Take a step back from life’s dramas and find humor in any situation.

Sugar cookies were created by Germanic settlers in Pennsylvania in the 1700s using sugar, butter, eggs, baking soda, and vanilla. They’re easy to bake and a great activity to do with kids using cookie cutters and dough.

July 10th – Don’t Step On A Bee Day.

This day raises awareness of the important role bees play in our ecosystem. If you see a tired bee, mix water and sugar together and place a drop of the syrup next to the bee. The bee will feed on it, become energized, and fly back to its hive to continue working.

July 11th – World Population Day.

Established in 1989 by the UN Development Program, this day aims to raise awareness of population growth and its effects, such as hunger, disease, welfare, and warfare. It also highlights the need for universal access to global reproductive healthcare.

July 12th – Etch A Sketch Day.

The Etch a Sketch is a beloved toy that takes many people on a trip down memory lane. Originally created by French electrician Andre Cassagnes in the 1950s, this toy has become an iconic part of Western culture and is still highly regarded as one of the greatest toys ever made. What’s great about it is that anyone can use it, regardless of their skill level. Some people find it challenging to draw even basic shapes, while others can create intricate works of art like the Mona Lisa.

July 13th is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Nowadays, everyone is a bit of a geek, as comic books, anime, and video games have become part of mainstream culture. However, on this day, you should go full geek and embrace your inner nerd.

July 14th is Shark Awareness Day, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of these creatures in our global ecology. Sharks have been around for over 420 million years and are more friend than foe. Unfortunately, humans kill around 100 million sharks every year.

July 15th is Gummi Worm Day, which celebrates the delicious treats created by German sweet company Trolli in 1981. These tasty candies are not just for catching gummy fish but are a beloved snack enjoyed by many.

July 16th is World Snake Day, which aims to educate people about the importance of these often misunderstood creatures. Despite their bad reputation, most snakes are harmless, and only about 600 of the roughly 3,458 species of snakes in the world are venomous. Some people even keep snakes as pets and find them to be loyal companions.

July 17th is Yellow Pig Day, a celebration of the concept created by two Princeton math students who became obsessed with the number 17 and created the idea of a yellow pig with 17 toes, 17 teeth, and 17 of everything else. This day encourages people to embrace their eccentricities and celebrate being unique.

July 18th is Caviar Day, which mocks the idea that eating sturgeon eggs makes one superior or part of the upper class. It encourages people to laugh at the pretentiousness of those who think they are better for indulging in expensive delicacies.

July 19th is Daiquiri Day, which celebrates the famous cocktail invented by American mining engineer Jennings Cox during his time in Cuba. The drink has since become a staple in the world of cocktails and is enjoyed by many.

Enjoy a refreshing daiquiri to celebrate in style!

20th July – Space Exploration Day.

Today also marks Moon Day, which celebrates the first moon landing. However, this was just the beginning of a long journey of exploration that will continue for generations to come. Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge of space today, as there is always more to learn and explore.

21st July – Junk Food Day.

Give in to your cravings and indulge in some junk food today. As the old Italian saying goes, “Live to eat, not eat to live.” Forget about your diet for a day and enjoy a double cheeseburger with extra fries!

22nd July – Hammock Day.

The hammock was first invented by the Mayans thousands of years ago and introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Hammocks are still popular today because they provide a deeper and more relaxed sleep than a regular bed. If you have the opportunity, hang up a hammock today and relax!

23rd July – Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Celebrate your grandma and how gorgeous she is today. Tell her how much you appreciate her and all that she does for you.

24th July – Tell An Old Joke Day.

Have a good laugh and share some old jokes today. Whether it’s a classic chicken crossing the road joke or something else, take the time to enjoy some humor and laughter.

25th July – Thread The Needle Day.

Although traditionally about sewing, this day can also be interpreted metaphorically. Reflect on the virtues of patience and practice, which are required to thread a needle effortlessly. Consider how these virtues can help you in other areas of your life as well.

26th July – All or Nothing Day.

Push yourself to exceed your own expectations today. Aim for perfection and nothing less. Whether it’s a last minute assignment or a job application, give it your all and strive for victory.

27th July – Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day.

Show off your plants today and take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Give them some fresh air and enjoy their beauty outside of your home.

28th July – National Milk Chocolate Day

On this day, we celebrate milk chocolate, the most popular type of chocolate in the world.

The invention of milk chocolate is credited to Daniel Peter, who created it in Vevey, Switzerland in 1887. Originally named “Gala” after the Greek word for “from the milk,” milk chocolate quickly became a staple in the chocolate world.

So go ahead and indulge in some milk chocolate today to celebrate this sweet holiday!

29th July – National Rain Day

Rain can mean different things in different parts of the world. In some places, it brings relief from droughts and in others, it helps crops grow.

But in the UK, rain is a common occurrence no matter the season. So embrace the rainy weather today and celebrate National Rain Day!

30th July – National Cheesecake Day

Cheesecake has been a beloved dessert since ancient times. It is said that ancient Greeks would eat cheesecake before the Olympics to give them energy.

Today, cheesecake is enjoyed all over the world and comes in many different flavors. So why not indulge in a slice of your favorite cheesecake to celebrate National Cheesecake Day?

31st July – Talk In an Elevator Day

We’ve all experienced the awkward silence of standing in an elevator with strangers. But today, break the silence and engage in some friendly small talk.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you never know, you might just make someone’s day a little brighter with a simple conversation.


What is July known for?

July is a month full of special days and events. It is the seventh month of the year and is known for its warm weather, summer vacations, outdoor activities, and celebrations. In many countries, July is the month for national holidays, such as Independence Day in the United States, Bastille Day in France, and Canada Day in Canada. It is also the month for several famous festivals and events, such as the Running of the Bulls in Spain, the Tour de France cycling race, and the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Additionally, July is the month for celebrating special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

What are some popular celebrations in July?

July is a month full of celebrations and events that are enjoyed by people all over the world. One of the most popular celebrations in July is Independence Day, which is celebrated in the United States on July 4th. It is a day for fireworks, parades, barbecues, and family gatherings. Another popular celebration is the Bastille Day in France, which is celebrated on July 14th and marks the beginning of the French Revolution. It is a day for parades, fireworks, and celebrations. Canada Day is another popular celebration that happens on July 1st and is a day to honor Canadian heritage and culture. Other celebrations in July include the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Tour de France cycling race, and the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

What are some interesting facts about July?

July is an interesting month with many unique facts and events. Here are some interesting facts about July:

  • July was named after Julius Caesar, who was born on July 12th.
  • The birthstone for July is the ruby, which is a symbol of love and passion.
  • The zodiac signs for July are Cancer (June 21 – July 22) and Leo (July 23 – August 22).
  • July is National Ice Cream Month in the United States.
  • July 2nd is the halfway point of the year.
  • The first recorded hot dog eating contest was held on July 4th, 1916, in Coney Island, New York.

What are some fun activities to do in July?

July is a month filled with warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities. Here are some fun activities to do in July:

  • Go to the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and water.
  • Have a picnic in the park or backyard.
  • Attend a music festival or outdoor concert.
  • Go camping and enjoy nature.
  • Take a road trip and explore new places.
  • Watch fireworks on Independence Day.
  • Have a barbecue with friends and family.
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