National Ferris Wheel Day | February 14

The Ferris wheel has been around since 1893 and is named after its inventor, George Washington Gale Ferris Junior.

A giant wheel at a fair or theme park is hard to miss.

February 14 is not only known as Valentine’s Day, but also National Ferris Wheel Day.

This special day celebrates the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., the creator of the Ferris wheel.

People all over the country use this day as an excuse to celebrate and ride on one of these famous moving wheels.

Never been on a Ferris wheel before? Why not take a ride on this day?

The History of National Ferris Wheel Day

The first Ferris wheel was designed and built by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. for the World’s Colombian Exposition in 1893. Ferris was a civil engineer by profession.

He was interested in building bridges and later established his own company. However, in 1891, he decided to design something unique for the large exposition in Chicago, Illinois, where the directors had challenged engineers to create something that would rival the Eiffel Tower.

At first, planners were skeptical about Ferris’ giant rotating wheel, but he eventually convinced them that it would be safe. The Ferris wheel had 36 cars and could hold over 2,000 people at once. During the fair, 38,000 people rode the Ferris wheel, enjoying views from 26 stories high.

George Ferris died at the age of 37 in 1896, but his legacy lived on. The original Ferris wheel continued to turn for another decade until it was shut down and demolished in 1906. Today, Ferris wheels remain a popular attraction at tourist destinations and local fairs around the world.

How to Celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day

  1. Take a ride on a Ferris wheel – Whether you’re a regular fairgoer or a first-timer, National Ferris Wheel Day is the perfect excuse to ride. Visit a nearby fair or a famous Ferris wheel further away.
  2. Learn more about Ferris wheels – Use this special day to impress your friends with your knowledge of Ferris wheels. Many people don’t know that February 14 is National Ferris Wheel Day!
  3. Introduce a friend to Ferris wheels – If you have a friend who has never ridden a Ferris wheel, February 14 is the perfect time to introduce them. Make it a group activity with several friends or take a trip to the theme park together.

National Ferris Wheel Day FAQs

What is the capacity of a Ferris wheel?

The number of people a Ferris wheel can hold depends on the size and design of the wheel. The original Ferris wheel, invented by George Ferris, could hold up to 2,160 people. However, most modern fairground Ferris wheels have 20-40 cars that can seat between 2 to 4 people each.

Where can you find the world’s tallest Ferris wheel?

The Ain Dubai in Dubai is currently the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, standing at a height of 820 feet (250 meters). It surpassed the Las Vegas High Roller, which stands at 550 feet (167 meters), in 2021.

How long is a typical ride on a Ferris wheel?

A typical ride on a Ferris wheel usually lasts between 10 to 20 minutes. Passengers can get on and off during the first rotation, and the wheel usually makes at least two rotations. The original Ferris wheel in 1893 stopped six times during the first rotation before giving passengers a non-stop ride the second time.

Why Celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day?

National Ferris Wheel Day is a great opportunity to appreciate this unique theme park attraction and its interesting history. Many famous cities around the world have a Ferris wheel, making it a popular destination for tourists.

As it falls on Valentine’s Day, it’s also a perfect date idea. Whether you plan to visit a local fairground or an exciting destination like Las Vegas, it’s a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion together.

So, take this chance to share fun facts about Ferris wheels with your friends and family and learn more about where this ride originally came from. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time on a Ferris wheel, the experience of seeing the sights from high off the ground is unforgettable!


What is National Ferris Wheel Day?

National Ferris Wheel Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14 to commemorate the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., the inventor of the Ferris wheel. This day is dedicated to all the Ferris wheel enthusiasts and lovers around the world who take time to appreciate this magnificent invention.

When was the Ferris wheel invented?

The Ferris wheel was invented by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. in 1893. Ferris was an engineer from Pittsburgh who designed the Ferris wheel as a response to the Eiffel Tower, which had been built in Paris in 1889. The first Ferris wheel was built for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 and stood 80 meters tall.

What are some fun facts about Ferris wheels?

Did you know that the world’s tallest Ferris wheel is the High Roller in Las Vegas, which stands at 167.6 meters tall? Or that the London Eye, one of the most popular Ferris wheels in the world, was originally supposed to be a temporary structure but is now a permanent fixture in the city’s skyline? Another interesting fact is that the term “Ferris wheel” is actually a misnomer, as the original Ferris wheel was patented as the “Big Wheel.”

How can I celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day?

There are many ways to celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day! You can visit a local amusement park and ride a Ferris wheel, watch a documentary about the history of Ferris wheels, or even try your hand at building a miniature Ferris wheel with household materials. You can also share your love for Ferris wheels on social media using the hashtag #NationalFerrisWheelDay.

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