National Mario Day Celebrates the Iconic Video Game Character

On March 10th, Mario enthusiasts around the world celebrate National Mario Day, a holiday that pays tribute to the beloved video game character.

Mario, along with his brother Luigi, first appeared in a video game in 1983. Since then, the character has become a cultural icon, with his name even inspiring the holiday’s date (MAR10).

Originally intended as a celebration for those named Mario, the holiday has evolved into a day to honor the famous plumber and his contributions to gaming history.

The Early Days of Mario

Mario owes his existence to game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who created the character while working for Nintendo in the early 1980s. Miyamoto had been tasked with designing a new game for the company, which was struggling to break into the arcade game market.

Mario first appeared as “Jumpman” in the 1981 game Donkey Kong. The game was a massive success, and Mario quickly became one of the most recognizable characters in the gaming industry.

Over the years, Mario has starred in numerous games, including the Super Mario Bros. series, which debuted in 1983. The character’s popularity has only grown over time, with Mario appearing in everything from movies to TV shows to merchandise.

A True Cultural Icon

Even outside of the gaming world, the name Mario has become synonymous with success and fame. Mario Lopez, for example, is a well-known film actor who has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. There have also been several infamous “Mario’s” throughout history, including Mario Gigante, a notorious criminal who was involved in loan sharking and other illegal activities.

Whether you’re a die-hard gamer or simply appreciate the cultural significance of Mario, National Mario Day is a great opportunity to celebrate this iconic character and all that he represents.

March 10: A Day to Celebrate All Things Mario

From tuning into George Lopez or watching some Gangster movies to enjoying mushrooms with your dinner or playing old school Nintendo games, there are numerous ways to make March 10 a day filled with Mario-themed fun!


1. What is National Mario Day?

National Mario Day is an annual celebration held on March 10th, also known as MAR10. It is a day to celebrate the beloved video game character, Mario, who first appeared in the game “Donkey Kong” in 1981. The day was created by fans of the game to honor Mario’s legacy and impact on popular culture.

2. How did National Mario Day originate?

National Mario Day was first celebrated in 2016, when fans of the game realized that the date March 10th looks like the name “Mario” when written as “MAR10”. They decided to create a holiday to celebrate the iconic character and his impact on the world of video games and pop culture.

3. How is National Mario Day celebrated?

There are many ways to celebrate National Mario Day. Fans of the game may choose to play their favorite Mario games, dress up as Mario characters, or host Mario-themed parties. Some may also choose to share their favorite Mario moments or memories on social media using the hashtag #NationalMarioDay or #MAR10.

4. What are some popular Mario games?

Mario has appeared in many popular video games over the years, including “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario 64”, “Mario Kart”, and “Super Smash Bros.”, among others. These games have become beloved classics and have helped to cement Mario’s status as one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.

5. Why is Mario such a popular video game character?

Mario’s popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, including his appealing design, fun gameplay, and charming personality. Mario has also been featured in countless merchandise and media, from toys and clothing to movies and TV shows, which has helped to expand his reach and appeal to a wider audience.

6. What impact has Mario had on popular culture?

Mario has had a significant impact on popular culture, both in the gaming world and beyond. He has become a cultural icon and has been referenced in countless movies, TV shows, and other media. Mario has also inspired countless other video game characters and has helped to shape the entire video game industry. His legacy continues to be felt today, decades after his first appearance in “Donkey Kong”.

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