October | Celebrating Special Days

In addition to being a month of beautiful fall colors and Halloween festivities, October is also known as “Adopt a Rescue Dog Month”. Consider giving a loving home to a dog in need.

The Gregorian calendar we use today is an updated version of the Julian calendar, which dates back to 44 BC. The update added a minuscule 0.002% to the year to synchronize it with the solar year, or how long it takes for the earth to orbit the Sun once. Prior to that, the Roman calendar was used, last updated in 304 BC and founded with Rome around 800 BC. This shows that the calendar we use is ancient.

Despite the changes to the number of months, days, and even the addition of days that didn’t count towards the calendar, October has remained unchanged throughout history. However, October is also known as American Cheese Month and Toilet Tank Repair Month.

If you want to learn about events that happened on each day in history during October, click the link on the dates.

Celebrate the beauty of homemade cookies today, as they bring back fond memories of childhood. Bake a batch, and whether you choose to share them or not, enjoy their deliciousness.

2nd October – Name Your Car Day

Most of us rely on cars for transportation, so consider giving your vehicle a name today. With 1 billion cars worldwide, you’ll have plenty of company in celebrating this day. Get creative and give your car a unique name, like my dad’s old blue Honda named “Honeybun the Car of Destruction”.

3rd October – Techies Day

Celebrate “Techies” today, defined as people who are into technology or technicians. Show appreciation to the IT guy and consider treating yourself to a new gadget, like a headset that lets you control your computer with your mind. Reflect on how much our lives depend on technology in its varying forms.

4th October – Taco Day

Tacos are a delicious Mexican food that pre-date the arrival of Spanish Conquistadors in Mexico, a mere 504 years ago. The Europeans were more focused on turning Mexico into “New Spain” than learning about the local culture and cuisine. Celebrate Taco Day today by indulging in this tasty treat.

The origin of the taco is unknown since the arrival of Hernán Cortés and his 500 man army was not a peaceful event for Mexico. However, there are numerous types of tacos available today to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. From traditional Tacos dorado to non-traditional hard shell tacos that break into pieces when bitten, tacos have become a popular dish. Despite their hazy past, tacos always remain a favorite dish to enjoy.

On the 5th of October, Do Something Nice Day, a day to do something nice for someone else, is celebrated. With wars, famine, illness, and intolerance, the world can be a tough place to live in. Doing something nice can be as simple as planting flowers, buying someone a cup of coffee, or acknowledging the homeless people who are ignored daily. Take the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Mad Hatter Day, celebrated on the 6th of October, is all about being silly. Named after the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the day encourages people to act like the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter’s name comes from the phrase “as mad as a hatter,” which originated because hat makers used to use mercury in the production of their hats, causing mercury poisoning. Buy a top hat and embrace your inner weirdo.

On the 7th of October, Frappé Day is celebrated. Invented by the Greeks, a Frappé is a cold coffee drink with foam and ice. However, there are many variations of Frappé available today, both with and without coffee. If you prefer your caffeine cold or enjoy fruit drinks with cream, Frappé has got you covered.

Fluffernutter Day is celebrated on the 8th of October. A fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, invented during World War 1. It was originally called the “Liberty Sandwich” and has become a favorite treat. Massachusetts is even trying to make it the official state sandwich.

If you’re looking for a fun and tasty activity, consider buying some marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, and white bread to make a delicious sandwich. Unfortunately, if you have a peanut allergy, this may not be an option for you.

October 9th – Chess Day

Chess has a long and varied history, originating in Eastern India between 280 and 550 CE. The game has evolved significantly over the centuries, with the modern version being played and enjoyed by intellectuals and strategists alike. Celebrate Chess Day by playing a game and testing your own strategic abilities!

October 10th – Angel Food Cake Day

Angel Food Cake is a unique and delicious dessert that has been enjoyed since the 19th century. Made with only egg whites and no butter, it is a fluffy and light treat that is often referred to as “the food of the angels.” Celebrate this special day by indulging in a slice or two of Angel Food Cake.

October 11th – Sausage Pizza Day

Pizza is a beloved food around the world, with endless possibilities for toppings and crusts. Celebrate Sausage Pizza Day by enjoying a delicious slice (or an entire pie!) topped with sausage. Today is also Coming Out Day, a day to celebrate LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance.

October 12th – International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

We all have those moments where we feel like screaming in frustration. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to let out a good scream – whether it’s into a pillow or out a window. You might be surprised to find that your neighbors join in, especially if you’re in Sweden!

October 13th – Train Your Brain Day

Your brain is a vital part of your body, responsible for so many important functions. Unfortunately, many of us don’t take the time to exercise and challenge our brains. Celebrate Train Your Brain Day by doing a crossword puzzle, playing a trivia game, or learning a new skill!

Before video games and social media, relaxing was usually a solitary activity. So, take the time to exercise your brain today. Solve a crossword or Sudoku, read a book, download a brain training app, or even play your mom’s original DS that she hides in her bedside drawer. Doing something to get your brain out of its routine can pay off with more vivid dreams.

October 14th is Be Bald and Be Free Day. It’s a day to embrace your natural beauty and leave your wig at home. Baldness has various causes, some are benign, while others are due to medication. Men go bald because of hormones, but no one knows why women lose their hair. Alopecia, a disease that causes all your hair to fall out, is thought to be caused by an issue with the immune system. Baldness is often seen as unattractive, but this day is about turning away from societal norms and embracing your beauty, especially if you’re bald or have thinning hair. However, if you laugh at a bald person on this day, rumor has it that you might get your butt kicked by Samuel L. Jackson.

October 15th is Grouch Day. TV characters like Oscar the Grouch and Jay from Modern Family are popular, but living with a grouch isn’t easy. Today, being a grouch is practically mandatory, so don’t feel bad about ruining everyone’s fun.

On October 16th, we celebrate Dictionary Day. Dictionaries have been around for centuries, with the earliest evidence dating back to 2300BC in the Akkadian Empire (now Syria). This particular day honors Noah Webster, an American lexicographer and spelling reformer who published the first Webster’s Dictionary in 1828. He replaced many English spellings with Z’s and removed most of the U’s, which he deemed unnecessary. Take some time to read an educational tome, whether it’s by Webster, Samuel Johnson, or Sebastián Covarrubias, who compiled the first monolingual Spanish dictionary about 400 years ago. Have you ever wondered how words make it into the dictionary?

Finally, on October 17th, we celebrate National Edge Day, an official holiday for those who live a straight-edge lifestyle. This punk movement abstains from alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs, and many choose to be vegetarian or vegan.

National Edge Day was established in 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts to promote a lifestyle that rejected the excessive drinking and drug use that characterized the punk scene in the 1980s. Nowadays, the celebration may involve listening to Minor Threat and savoring a cup of hot chocolate. On October 18th, we observe Chocolate Cupcake Day, which dates back to 1796. Despite its history, most people are likely more interested in eating chocolate cupcakes than learning about their origins. Evaluate Your Life Day falls on October 19th and encourages individuals to take stock of their lives and consider ways to improve them. Brandied Fruit Day on October 20th involves mixing fruit with sugar, spices, and brandy to preserve it, although the resulting concoction is very potent. Reptile Awareness Day on October 21st aims to raise awareness about the specific needs of reptiles kept as pets. Finally, on October 22nd, we celebrate Color Day, which highlights how colors can impact our moods, productivity, and behavior. Interestingly, ancient civilizations often named colors based on their rarity, with red being one of the first colors named due to its association with blood and wine.

The colors of the sky and sea are blue, while everything that grows is green, making blue and green the background colors. Why bother naming what’s all around you? Take the time to learn about the origins and effects of colors today. You might even be able to trick people into finding you sexy by wearing red, or calm a tense situation by painting yourself blue and running in circles.

On the 23rd of October, we celebrate iPod Day, which marks the anniversary of the release of the portable media player in 2001. There’s not much more to say about this day without sounding like an advertisement.

Food Day falls on the 24th of October, a lovely non-specific day to celebrate. Food has always brought people together, from family meals to state banquets and street parties. Celebrate by cooking something adventurous or something you love and sharing a meal with the people who matter to you.

Greasy Food Day on the 25th of October might not be the healthiest, but it’s a day to indulge in anything deep or shallow fried. Today is also Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day, but let’s focus on the deliciously greasy food instead.

On the 26th of October, we celebrate Pumpkin Day and finally mention Halloween. Carve your pumpkins and enjoy the messy fun of throwing the “guts” at each other. Don’t forget to snack on some roasted pumpkin seeds, but let’s be honest, candy corn will probably be on the menu too.

Navy Day falls on the 27th of October and was founded in 1922 to coincide with the birthday of Theodore Roosevelt, who was a huge fan of the Navy. Take some time to learn about the Navy and honor those lost at sea.

Finally, on the 28th of October, we celebrate International Animation Day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some animated entertainment.

Cartoons are a wonderful source of entertainment that we enjoyed as children and still enjoy today. From crude cartoons found on the internet to masterpieces created by Studio Ghibli, cartoons offer a unique perspective that cannot be replicated in real life. The incredible ability to depict motion through drawing, frame by frame, is truly worthy of celebration. Although drawings that depict motion date back to Paleolithic cave paintings, the animation we know today began in 1824 with a simple two-sided child’s toy depicting a bird in a cage. As technology advanced, we saw the invention of the zoetrope in 1832 and the flipbook in 1868, which allowed for even more immersive experiences. Today, we should take the time to appreciate the immense progress we have made in animation by watching an animated movie we’ve never seen before, be it Disney or Japanese anime.

29th October – Hermit Day

The term “hermit” refers to individuals who choose to live in seclusion, away from society. They often reside in the woods and possess a variety of survivalist equipment. The original term “hermit” referred to one of the four types of Christian monks who also lived in seclusion to achieve holiness. While I cannot recommend visiting a hermit on this day, as it defeats the purpose of their seclusion, you could use this day as an excuse to stay indoors.

30th October – Haunted Refrigerator Night

Whether you convince others that your refrigerator is haunted or pretend that your own refrigerator is haunted, Haunted Refrigerator Night is a time to add some spooky vibes to your fridge. Try rearranging your fridge magnets to create eerie messages and add to the Halloween spirit.

31st October – Knock-Knock Joke Day

The knock-knock joke may seem like a modern invention, but it actually originated from a 1929 children’s game called Buff. The game involved banging sticks on the floor and saying, “Knock Knock, Who’s There? Buff, Who says Buff? Buff says Buff to all his men. And I say Buff to you again.” Share some knock-knock jokes today, but be prepared for some disgusted looks from your audience.


1. What is the significance of October in terms of special days?

October is a month full of special days and observances. From celebrating holidays like Halloween and Columbus Day to bringing awareness to important causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October has a lot going on. It’s also National Pizza Month, National Dessert Month, and National Vegetarian Month, among others. Overall, October is a time to come together and celebrate different traditions, honor important milestones, and raise awareness for significant causes.

2. What is the history behind Columbus Day and how is it celebrated?

Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the United States that commemorates Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. It is celebrated on the second Monday in October. The holiday has been controversial in recent years due to Columbus’s treatment of Indigenous peoples. Some cities and states have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Columbus Day is typically celebrated with parades, festivals, and other events that honor Italian-American heritage and culture.

3. Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Month important and how is it observed?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. During this month, people wear pink ribbons to show their support for breast cancer awareness. Many organizations and businesses also participate in raising funds and awareness through various events. It’s important to spread awareness about breast cancer because early detection can lead to better outcomes and survival rates.

4. What is the history behind Halloween and how do people celebrate it?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st, the eve of All Saints’ Day. It originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Today, Halloween is widely celebrated with costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treating. Many people also attend Halloween parties, carve pumpkins, and watch horror movies. In some countries, like Mexico, the holiday is celebrated as Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, where people honor the deceased with colorful altars and offerings.

5. What are some other special days to look forward to in October?

Aside from the popular holidays and observances mentioned earlier, October also has some lesser-known special days to look forward to. For example, October 4th is National Taco Day, October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and October 16th is National Boss’s Day. On October 24th, it’s National Food Day, and on October 30th, it’s National Candy Corn Day. These special days offer fun and unique opportunities to celebrate and appreciate different things in life.

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