Special Days in March

March is a month of special celebrations and unique days. The Anglo Saxons called it “Hlyda” meaning “loud” due to the roaring winds and thunderous storms. The Romans named it March after Mars, their god of war, as it was the month that marked the beginning of the military campaigning season again after winter.

March has the only month with three consecutive consonants in its English name. It is a month of unique celebrations such as Open An Umbrella Indoors Day on March 13th and Snowman Burning Day on March 20th.

World Compliment Day on March 1st is a day for positivity and happiness. Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd celebrates the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel. On March 3rd, we celebrate What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day. March 4th is Grammar Day, a day to focus on grammar and punctuation. Absinthe Day on March 5th hails to the king of all spirits, and March 6th is White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, a day to indulge in the heavenly dessert. On March 7th, we celebrate Be Heard Day.

If you want to know more about the events that happened on each day in history in March, click on the links of the dates.

Today is a special day dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing them with a platform to be heard in the fast-paced world of modern business.

8th March – A Day for Proof Reading.

Proofreading, like grammar, is an essential aspect of life, whether you are a student, an office worker, or a professional. It can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

9th March – Let It Go Day.

Let It Go Day is all about moving on from the things that did not work out, be it a job or a romantic rejection. It falls between Valentine’s Day and April Fool’s Day.

10th March – Day of Awesome.

The Day of Awesome celebrates the amazing things around us and the awesomeness within us. One way to celebrate is by playing Mario, as today is also Mario Day!

11th March – World Plumbing Day.

Plumbing dates back to ancient civilizations such as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and it is something we often take for granted. Without plumbing, we would not have running water or proper sewage systems.

12th March – Plant A Flower Day.

Floral arrangements have been used as decoration and to honor the dead and the living since ancient times. Plant a flower today instead of picking one!

13th March – Open An Umbrella Indoors Day.

Invented in 2003 by Thomas Nibb, Open An Umbrella Indoors Day is a day about breaking old superstitions and seeing that nothing bad comes of it. Just be careful not to break anything!

14th March – Potato Chip Day.

Known as crisps in the U.K., potato chips are a popular snack around the world, making up one-third of all savory snack sales. Celebrate with a bag of chips and a satisfying crunch!

15th March – Brutus Day.

Brutus Day serves as a reminder that backstabbing is prevalent in the modern world of corporatism, just as it was in ancient Rome. Et tu, Brute?

16th March – Lips Appreciation Day.

Lips are a beloved part of the body that bring us smiles, laughter, and contain over a million nerve endings. Celebrate Lips Appreciation Day with a kiss, which also burns calories!

17th March – Submarine Day.

Submarines have come a long way since their emergence in 17th century England, evolving from primitive submersibles to the advanced, nuclear-powered vessels of today. They will always have a place in the modern seas.

March 18th – Awkward Moments Day

Celebrate Awkward Moments Day by embracing those cringe-worthy moments that we all experience. The day even has its own mascot – the Awkward Turtle! So, instead of feeling embarrassed, take a moment to laugh it off and move on.

March 19th – Chocolate Caramel Day

If you have a sweet tooth, then March 19th is the perfect day for you! Chocolate Caramel Day celebrates the perfect combination of two delicious flavors. Indulge in your favorite chocolate and caramel treats today!

March 20th – Snowman Burning Day

Originally celebrated in 1971 at Lake Superior State University, Snowman Burning Day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Although Lake Superior is one of the coldest places in the US, there’s always enough snow for a snowman. Join in the fun and burn your own snowman!

March 21st – Common Courtesy Day

Show off your good manners and spread kindness on Common Courtesy Day. It’s a great opportunity to appreciate how simple manners can bring joy to people’s lives.

March 22nd – As Young As You Feel Day

Age is just a number! Celebrate As Young As You Feel Day by doing something that people your age usually wouldn’t do. Whether it’s dressing up in a crazy outfit or pretending to be a fighter jet, have fun and embrace your inner child.

March 23rd – Near Miss Day

On March 23rd, 1989, the Earth had a near miss with an Apollo asteroid that passed within 500,000 miles. Near Miss Day reminds us to appreciate what we have and how easily it can be taken away.

March 24th – Tuberculosis Day

Tuberculosis Day commemorates Dr. Robert Koch’s discovery of the cause of the disease on March 24th, 1852. At the time, it was the equivalent of finding a cure for cancer. Celebrate this day by learning more about the disease and its impact on society.

March 25th – Waffle Day

Move over pancakes, it’s time to celebrate the waffle! Waffle Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in this delicious breakfast treat. Make a batch and freeze some for later!

March 26th – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th is all about you! Make Up Your Own Holiday Day gives you the opportunity to create your own celebration. It’s up to you to decide how to celebrate and what the holiday will be about.

March 27th – Spanish Paella Day

Celebrate Spain’s national dish on Spanish Paella Day. This casserole dish is made with rice, meat, fish, and a flavorful sauce. Even if you can’t travel to Spain to enjoy it on the beach, it’s easy to make at home.

March 28th – Something On A Stick Day

On Something On A Stick Day, everything is better on a stick! From corndogs to popsicles, this day is all about enjoying your favorite foods on a stick. So go ahead and indulge in something delicious!

This day is one of my favorites because it marks the beginning of barbecue season, and that means delicious flame-grilled chicken skewers.

What is your favorite food on a stick?

March 29th – Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day.

In 1848, ice blockages caused the rivers to dry up, causing the 3,160 tons of water that flow through Niagara Falls per second to come to a complete stop.

March 30th – Take A Walk In The Park Day.

It’s a great day to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. If the weather is nice, why not have a picnic?

March 31st – Crayola Crayon Day.

At over 100 years old, Crayola crayons have probably been a staple in your childhood entertainment.

Celebrate in style by grabbing some crayons and a coloring book, but be careful to stay within the lines!


1. What is March known for?

March is known for many things, including the arrival of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and Women’s History Month. It is also the month when daylight saving time begins, and many people celebrate National Nutrition Month. Additionally, March is the month when many colleges and universities have their spring break.

2. What are some special days celebrated in March?

March has several special days, including International Women’s Day, National Pi Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. It is also the month when National Puppy Day and World Water Day are celebrated. Additionally, March is home to many other days that celebrate different causes and issues, such as National Social Work Month and National Nutrition Month.

3. Why is St. Patrick’s Day so popular?

St. Patrick’s Day is popular because it is a fun and festive holiday that celebrates Irish culture and heritage. It is also a day when people of all backgrounds can come together to enjoy parades, traditional Irish music, and, of course, green beer. Many cities around the world hold their own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and it is often considered a day to let loose and have fun.

4. What is Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration that recognizes and honors the contributions of women throughout history. It began in the United States in 1987 and has since been recognized in many other countries around the world. During this month, events are held to highlight the achievements of women in various fields, from politics and science to art and literature. It is a time to celebrate the progress that has been made and to continue working towards gender equality.

5. Why is Pi Day celebrated?

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) because the first three digits of pi are 3.14. Pi is a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number, meaning it goes on infinitely without repeating. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world, who often hold competitions to see who can recite the most digits of pi. It is also a day when many people enjoy eating pie in honor of the occasion.

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