The Most Costly Christmas Trees

In Japan, a Christmas tree measuring 16 inches tall cost $1.8 million. However, this is not the most expensive one out there…

Christmas is a time for spending with family and exchanging fun presents as tokens of appreciation for our loved ones.

But what is Christmas without a Christmas tree?

Some people prefer to purchase a fake tree that they store in their garage and bring out every year to save money.

Others enjoy the authenticity and aroma of a real tree in their living room.

And then there are those who go above and beyond and spend way more than necessary! Spending more than a hundred or two hundred dollars is already excessive for most people.

However, when you’re a company with a huge budget and want to attract attention from all over the world, there’s no limit to how much you’ll spend.

In 2010, the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi claimed the title of the most expensive Christmas tree in the world.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a look at some of its rivals.

A Tree for Alcohol Connoisseurs – $55,000

London is a city known for its high cost of living, so it’s no surprise that a pricey Christmas tree can be found there.

The Sofitel, a luxury hotel, features a tree that doesn’t look particularly remarkable at first glance.

The tree is simply a metal frame with 200 miniature bottles of cognac arranged in tiers.

However, each bottle is embellished with 24-carat gold, and at least five experts were involved in handcrafting each one.

The cognac itself is nothing but the finest Louis XIII Grande Champagne, with a full bottle costing $2,400.

The total cost of these miniature bottles arranged to form the tree is an astounding $55,000. The metal tree stands nearly 17 feet tall.

If you were to remove a bottle from the tree, you’d have to start from the top and work your way down carefully, or else the balance might be thrown off and you’d be left with a costly mess!

Tokyo’s Tiny Christmas Tree – $1.8 Million

When you’re wealthy, size isn’t always the most important factor – especially when you can show off diamonds.

A Japanese department store chain shrunk a Christmas tree down to a mere 40 centimeters in height (how, we’re not sure!).

The small tree was adorned with clusters of roses, each of which had a diamond at its center, sourced from Australia and Africa.

The tree was accompanied by a red bear wearing a diamond pendant.

A Disney Christmas Tree – $4.2 Million

You may believe that this refers to the enormous Christmas tree you see when you enter Disneyland during the winter months, but that isn’t the expensive one we’re discussing!

Japan is once again responsible for this elaborate Christmas tree.

Ginza is Tokyo’s high-end fashion shopping district, and as such, this display had to be impressive.

It took ten artisans two months to create this tree, which was constructed entirely out of solid gold!

This is the story of the world’s most expensive Christmas tree. The tree is almost eight feet tall and weighs 88 pounds, made entirely of 24-carat gold. It features 50 Disney characters and is topped with a Mickey Mouse outline. The tree was created in the Emirates Palace luxury hotel and cost a whopping $11 million dollars. The fake evergreen tree alone cost $10,000, but the decorations were what really made the price skyrocket. The tree was decorated with silver and gold bows, classic ball ornaments, and small fairy lights. In addition, 181 pieces of jewelry were added, including diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, watches, necklaces, and bracelets. The cost of the jewelry was valued at over $11 million dollars. Although it may seem over the top, this is not the first extravagant feature of the “seven star” hotel, which has previously had a gold bar vending machine. This is a record that will be hard to beat, making it the most expensive Christmas tree yet.


1. What makes a Christmas tree expensive?

The cost of a Christmas tree can vary based on several factors, such as the size, type, and location. However, when it comes to the most expensive Christmas trees, they are usually adorned with valuable ornaments, jewels, and precious metals. These trees are often custom-made by renowned designers and can cost several millions of dollars.

2. How much does the most expensive Christmas tree cost?

The most expensive Christmas tree ever created was valued at $11 million. The tree was decorated with over 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and other precious stones, as well as numerous gold and silver ornaments. It was created by a designer from the United Arab Emirates and was displayed at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi.

3. What other features make a Christmas tree valuable?

Besides decorations, the type of tree used can also affect its value. Rare and exotic trees, such as the Nordmann fir or the Silver fir, can be more expensive due to their scarcity. Additionally, the location where the tree is grown can also increase its value. Trees grown in remote forests or high-altitude regions can be more expensive because of the difficulty in harvesting them.

4. Are there any eco-friendly expensive Christmas trees?

Yes, some luxury Christmas trees are designed to be eco-friendly. These trees are usually made from sustainable materials, such as recycled wood or metal, and are adorned with eco-friendly ornaments, such as LED lights and organic decorations. Some of these trees can still be expensive due to their unique designs and craftsmanship.

5. Who typically purchases expensive Christmas trees?

Typically, the ultra-rich are the ones who purchase expensive Christmas trees. These individuals often have a love for luxury and extravagance and are not afraid to spend large sums of money on unique and lavish items. Additionally, some businesses and hotels may purchase expensive trees as a way to attract customers and create a festive atmosphere.

6. Are there any downsides to buying an expensive Christmas tree?

While having an expensive Christmas tree may create a sense of luxury and opulence, it may also be seen as wasteful or excessive by some individuals. Additionally, there is the risk of damage or theft of valuable ornaments. Finally, the cost of an expensive tree can be a burden on those who cannot afford it, leading to feelings of envy or frustration.

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