10 Fascinating Facts About eBay

A Russian billionaire named Roman Abramovich made the most expensive purchase on eBay, buying a super yacht for $170 million.

eBay has been a popular online platform for years, allowing users to buy and sell items online easily.

But do you know when eBay was launched and how it became such a successful online marketplace?

Here are 10 intriguing facts about eBay that will make you want to explore some of the hidden treasures available online.

eBay was founded in 1995.

Pierre Omidyar, an Iranian-American computer programmer, created eBay on September 3, 1995. He originally designed the online auction website, named Auction Web, as a side project while working on his everyday job.

It wasn’t until the website started receiving too much traffic that Omidyar decided to turn it into a business and rebranded it as eBay.

The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer.

Omidyar listed a broken laser pointer he found lying around his house for $1 in the first week, but it didn’t sell. He listed it again for the same price the following week and it sparked a bidding war, ultimately selling for $14.83.

It turned out the buyer was a collector of broken laser pens, which surprised Omidyar.

The British use eBay more than any other country.

The UK has the highest number of eBay users, with around 19 million people using the platform every month to sell both new and used items. The UK also buys more items per capita than any other country in the world, perhaps due to their love of bidding wars and the convenience of online auctions.

The first item sold on eBay UK was a CD.

The first item sold on eBay UK was a CD by a German rock band called The Scorpions. The single, “You & I”, was released in 1996, but eBay didn’t launch in the UK until 1999, four years after its debut in the US.

The first person to receive a feedback score of 1 million on eBay was Jack Sheng.

After eight years of selling on the platform, Jack Sheng became the first person to receive a feedback score of 1 million on November 13, 2008. To celebrate his achievement, eBay created a special shooting star icon to display next to his name and named one of their conference rooms after him. Sheng even managed to double his feedback score to 2 million within the next 18 months.

Even NASA has used eBay!

eBay is a platform where you can find anything and everything. In 2002, NASA turned to eBay to find second hand parts for their machinery when they faced issues with discontinuation of replacement parts. eBay originally had a yellow interface which was later changed to white due to customer complaints. However, they gradually faded the yellow color back in, hoping that customers wouldn’t notice the change. The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a yacht designed by Frank Mulder for $170 million, which had its own cinema, gym, and helipad. eBay also helped discover a new species of sea urchin in 2006 when a British scientist and Zoologist named Simon Coppard came across it. There is no limit to the amount of items that can be for sale on eBay and it is a popular platform for auctioneers and bidding wars.


1. What is eBay?

eBay is a global online marketplace where people can buy and sell goods and services. It was founded in 1995 and has since become one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, with over 190 million active users.

2. What was the first item sold on eBay?

The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer, which was sold by the founder of the site, Pierre Omidyar, for $14.83 in 1995.

3. How do you buy something on eBay?

To buy something on eBay, you need to create an account and then search for the item you want to buy. Once you find it, you can place a bid or buy it now if the seller has that option available. Then, you will need to pay for the item and wait for it to be shipped to you.

4. Can you make money selling on eBay?

Yes, you can make money selling on eBay. Many people use eBay as a primary or secondary source of income. If you have items to sell, you can list them on eBay and potentially make a profit.

5. What is the most expensive item sold on eBay?

The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a private jet, which was sold for $4.9 million in 2001.

6. Does eBay have a mobile app?

Yes, eBay has a mobile app that can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to buy and sell items on the go.

7. What is eBay’s global impact?

eBay has a significant global impact, as it allows people from all over the world to trade goods and services. It has also helped to create jobs and small businesses in many countries.

8. How does eBay ensure buyer and seller safety?

eBay has several measures in place to ensure buyer and seller safety, including a feedback system, buyer protection programs, and seller performance standards. Additionally, eBay has a team dedicated to monitoring and preventing fraudulent activity on the site.

9. Can you sell anything on eBay?

No, there are certain items that are prohibited from being sold on eBay, such as illegal or dangerous items, counterfeit goods, and items that violate intellectual property laws. eBay also has specific policies for certain categories, such as firearms and alcohol.

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