10 Unusual and Useless Inventions

ThumbThing is a tool that attaches to your thumb, allowing you to read with one hand.

Useless inventions are something I often ponder, such as Glow in the Dark Sunglasses, waterproof tea bags, and an inflatable dartboard.

However, I wanted to examine some of the more serious inventions that companies believe are actually a good idea.

Phone Fingers

iPhones and other touchscreen phones can be frustrating when they get smudged with fingerprints. Phone Fingers is a great solution to this problem.

They come in four fantastic colors: blue, pink, white, and black!

They even come in different sizes, all ten fingers for only £9.

Butter Stick

Have you ever been tempted to spread your Pritt-Stick on a piece of toast and eat it?

Well, neither have I, and I can’t imagine it would taste very good either.

Instead of glue, this stick contains butter, so you can even take it with you on the go!


A wonderful invention for reading books.

It’s a device that attaches to your thumb, allowing you to read with one hand while doing anything else you like with your other hand.

Cat Napkin Chain

If you want an extremely unstylish gadget, this is the one for you!

Basically, it’s two small cat-shaped grippers that hold the napkin “exactly where you need it”!

Boot & Glove Dryer

Ever wondered how to dry your wet gloves?

This funky gadget has a built-in fan that circulates air around your wet gloves and boots.

“Keep shoes, boots, and gloves dry and odor-free with this must-have outdoor gadget.”

Laser-Guided Scissors

These cool scissors will help you cut in a perfectly straight line, assuming you are already skilled at cutting in a straight line.

The laser is attached to the scissors, so if your hands shake, the laser will shake too!

This is truly cutting-edge technology!

Motorized Ice-Cream Cone

Even I’m not this lazy. This device is used by people who are too lazy to twist their wrist.

All you have to do is place your ice-cream cone inside this battery-operated turning cone, and it will do all the hard work for you.

There’s no need to clean it by hand either, as it’s dishwasher safe!


This is essentially a pen that you don’t have to hold…

“Normal pens are not designed for the human hand and can cause discomfort in the fingers, sore muscles in the hand, and pinched nerves in the wrist.”

The PenAgain just makes life so much easier, and it comes in a variety of colors… how great is that?

Banana Guard

Do you get frustrated when your bananas get bruised and squashed by the time you get to work or school? Our patented device solves this problem by allowing for safe transport and storage of individual bananas, so you can enjoy perfect bananas wherever you go.

It bothers me so much that I’m willing to spend nearly £5 to avoid it in the future – sorry for the sarcasm.

Watch View Jacket

The Watch View Jacket may not be the most stylish option, but it has a sleeve gap that allows you to check your watch without pulling up your sleeve. I wish I had one!

That concludes our list of pointless inventions. If you know of any others, or have any silly things to share, please let me know – I’d love to hear about them!


1. What are some examples of strange and pointless inventions?

There are many strange and pointless inventions out there, but some of the most notable include the Baby Mop, a onesie with mop-like material on the bottom to clean the floor while a baby crawls around; the Hug Me Pillow, a pillow in the shape of a person’s arm for lonely sleepers; and the Pet Rock, a rock in a box marketed as a pet in the 1970s.

2. Why do people create these strange inventions?

People create these strange inventions for a variety of reasons. Some do it for novelty or humor, while others genuinely believe their invention will solve a problem or fill a need. In some cases, people may also create strange inventions as a way to gain attention or publicity.

3. Have any of these strange inventions become successful?

While some strange inventions may become popular for a short time, very few become long-term successes. The Pet Rock was one of the few strange inventions that gained widespread popularity, but it eventually faded away. Most strange inventions are just novelty items that people buy for a laugh or as a gag gift.

4. Are there any benefits to creating strange and pointless inventions?

While there may not be any practical benefits to creating strange and pointless inventions, they can provide entertainment and laughter for people. They can also inspire creativity and innovation in other areas by encouraging people to think outside the box and come up with new and unique ideas.

5. What is the most ridiculous strange invention you’ve ever seen?

One of the most ridiculous strange inventions I’ve ever seen is the iMaxi, an iPad case that looks like a menstrual pad. It was marketed as a way to protect an iPad from spills and stains, but it was widely criticized for being tasteless and offensive. It’s a prime example of an invention that is both strange and pointless.

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