12 Fascinating Facts About Slowpoke from Pokémon

Were you aware that the original name for Slowpoke in Pokémon was Slowmo?

Slowpoke, the beloved pink creature, is ranked number 79 in the National Pokédex and is recognized as a notably dim-witted Pokémon.

For those who adore this charming character, here are the top 12 intriguing facts about Slowpoke!

The original English name for Slowpoke was “Slowmo.”

A Slowpoke is a term used to describe a person who is slow. It can also be a combination of “slow” and “poke,” which is an abbreviation for Pokémon.

In Japanese, Slowpoke is pronounced as Yadon.

Slowpoke is classified as a dual-type Water/Psychic Pokémon.

Slowpoke is modeled after a giant salamander and somewhat resembles a hippopotamus.

There are no visible distinctions between male and female Slowpokes.

Despite their frequent appearances on the TV series, Slowpokes have never been seen utilizing a physical attack.

In the anime, Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro when a Shellder bites its tail. It can also evolve into Slowking when a Shellder bites its head while wearing the King’s Rock.

Despite Slowpokes being one of the dimmest Pokémon, their evolution, Slowking, is one of the most intelligent.

In the Pokémon games, Slowpoke can evolve into Slowbro at Level 37 or into Slowking when traded while holding a King’s Rock.

Slowpokes are typically found near the water’s edge.

Slowpoke employs its tail to capture prey by dipping it into the water at the side of a river.


1. What is Slowpoke and what does it look like?

Slowpoke is a Water/Psychic-type Pokémon from the first generation of the franchise. It is a quadrupedal creature that resembles a cross between a salamander and a hippopotamus. Slowpoke has a pink body, a cream-colored underbelly, and a long, curly tail. It has a vacant expression on its face and is known for its slow movements and sluggish demeanor.

2. What are some of Slowpoke’s unique abilities?

Slowpoke is known for its signature move, “Amnesia,” which allows it to forget about any damage it has taken during a battle. Additionally, it has the ability “Regenerator,” which allows it to recover a portion of its health when it switches out of battle. Slowpoke also has a high special defense stat, making it resistant to many types of attacks.

3. What is Slowpoke’s evolution line?

Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at level 37, where it gains a Shellder that bites onto its tail and becomes a part of its body. Slowbro gains additional psychic powers and becomes a Water/Psychic-type Pokémon. Alternatively, Slowpoke can evolve into Slowking when it is traded while holding a King’s Rock. Slowking gains an increased special attack stat and becomes a Water/Psychic-type Pokémon.

4. What is Slowpoke’s role in the Pokémon world?

Slowpoke is often seen as a comical and laid-back Pokémon in the franchise. It is often depicted as being slow-witted and easily distracted, but it has a strong bond with its trainers and is fiercely loyal. Slowpoke’s slow movements and relaxed demeanor have also made it a popular subject for relaxation and meditation practices in the Pokémon world.

5. What is the origin of Slowpoke’s name?

The name “Slowpoke” is a combination of the words “slow” and “poke,” both of which refer to the Pokémon’s sluggish movements. In the Japanese version of the franchise, Slowpoke is known as “Yadon,” which is a combination of the words “yadoru” (to loaf around) and “unagi” (eel).

6. Are there any famous Slowpoke sightings in the Pokémon franchise?

One of the most famous Slowpoke sightings in the Pokémon franchise is in the game “Pokémon Gold and Silver,” where a group of Slowpoke are being used as a food source by the villainous Team Rocket. Slowpoke are also a popular subject in the Pokémon anime, where they are often depicted as being friendly and docile creatures that enjoy relaxing by the water.

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