20 Interesting Facts About Andi Haliggan

In 2011, Andi Haliggan gained fame for his Twitter exchanges with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, and Cody Simpson.

Andi Haliggan, a social media personality, was voted as the weirdest guy in 2012. But how much do you really know about him?

We have asked Andi questions that we believe you would want to hear, and here are twenty facts that Andi Haliggan shared himself!

André Haliggan is his full name.

Andi Haliggan was born in Paraguay, South America, but currently resides in Brazil.

Andi is 26 years old and was born on April 10, 1997.

He attended a private school in Brazil and finished his senior year in Los Angeles.

Andi’s mother is a real estate business person and a landlord.

He has over 10 pets including an ocelot named Joy, who brings joy to Andi’s life!

Andi became famous in 2011 for his Twitter exchanges with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, and Cody Simpson.

Andi Haliggan received a proposal to join the British boy band The Wanted via Twitter, but due to a problem with one of the band members, this opportunity never materialized.

He accompanied DJ Martin Garrix on a tour of Brazil and his hometown Paraguay in December 2015 as a member of the tour organizers.

Andi’s favorite animal is the zebra.

His favorite Italian food is pizza.

He is a huge fan of Real Madrid and even met the team in 2014.

Andi is currently in college, but he enjoys attending social events and promoting campaigns in his spare time.

He aspires to become an actor in the future.

While in Los Angeles, Andi made many friends, mostly students, who later became his closest friends.

He launched a Vine page with two of his friends, Jerome Jarre and Lele Pons. This helped him gain success in the social media world.

Jerome Jarre taught Andi the importance of happiness and not focusing solely on success.

In 2012, Andi Haliggan won the Shorty Awards for being weird.

Andi’s Twitter handle is @Haliggan, and his profile was created on April 25, 2010.

His Snapchat name is andresmaps.


1. Who is Andi Haliggan?

Andi Haliggan is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Bali, Indonesia. He is known for his stunning landscape and adventure photography, as well as his unique style in capturing the beauty of Bali.

2. What inspired Andi to become a photographer?

Andi was inspired by his love for nature and his desire to capture its beauty through photography. He started taking pictures at a young age and has since honed his skills in capturing stunning landscapes and adventurous moments.

3. How did Andi develop his photography skills?

Andi developed his photography skills through years of practice and experimentation. He also took courses and workshops to improve his technical skills and learn new techniques.

4. What kind of photography does Andi specialize in?

Andi specializes in landscape and adventure photography. His unique style and perspective have made him one of the most sought-after photographers in Bali.

5. What kind of equipment does Andi use?

Andi uses a variety of equipment depending on the situation, but his go-to camera is the Sony A7R III. He also uses a variety of lenses, filters, and other accessories to capture the perfect shot.

6. What are some of Andi’s most popular photography projects?

Some of Andi’s most popular photography projects include his Bali landscapes series, which captures the beauty of Bali’s natural scenery, and his adventure photography series, which showcases the thrill-seeking activities available in Bali.

7. How does Andi approach his photography projects?

Andi approaches his photography projects with a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the beauty of his subjects. He takes the time to research his subjects and locations, and works closely with his clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life through his photography.

8. What advice does Andi have for aspiring photographers?

Andi’s advice for aspiring photographers is to never stop learning and experimenting. He encourages photographers to try new techniques, explore new locations, and take risks with their photography.

9. What are Andi’s plans for the future?

Andi plans to continue expanding his photography and filmmaking business, while also exploring new locations and projects. He hopes to inspire others through his work and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in photography and filmmaking.

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