21 Fascinating Facts About Alcohol

For over 300 years, British sailors were given daily rum rations until 1970.

If you have some spare time, take a look at these twenty-one intriguing facts about alcohol!

Beer is the most popular beverage in the world, after water and tea.

For over 300 years, British sailors were given daily rum rations until 1970.

The 18th amendment led to prohibition, making it illegal to transport, manufacture, and sell alcohol in the United States. The 21st amendment repealed it.

Although alcohol brings joy to many, it is actually a depressant.

The phrase “rule of thumb” comes from brewers using their thumb to check if the liquid was at the ideal temperature to add yeast.

The Christian Bible mentions wine over 500 times.

Bourbon whiskey, made primarily from corn, was invented in America during the 18th century.

In 1876, Bass Pale Ale’s red triangle logo became the world’s first trademark.

Despite being legal, alcohol is still a drug.

While most religions discourage excessive alcohol consumption, the Mormon Church and Islam forbid it entirely.

During prohibition, wine growers sold grape juice and warned buyers not to follow instructions to turn it into wine.

Jagermeister does not contain elk blood, despite urban legend. The founder was a hunter, and the name translates to “hunt master.”

The first beer can was invented in 1935.

Vodka became popular in Russia because it would not freeze during their cold winters. 80-proof vodka freezes at -27°C.

On the Mayflower, Pilgrims brought more beer than water since it was often safer and cleaner to drink.

Vodka was originally used for medicinal purposes, but like modern-day pharmaceuticals, it eventually became a source of entertainment.

Despite the perceived warming effects, alcohol actually lowers body temperature.

Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. In fact, the world’s first documented recipe was an ancient Sumerian tablet depicting a recipe for beer.

Oenophobia is the fear of wine.

Vodka is great for removing foot odor.

Tequila does not contain a worm. Mezcal does, although it is actually a moth larva.


1. What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a chemical substance that is produced by the fermentation of sugars and grains. It is a psychoactive substance that can cause changes in mood, behavior, and perception.

2. How long has alcohol been around?

Alcohol has been around for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of alcohol consumption dates back to 7000 BCE in China, where people were making fermented beverages from rice, honey, and fruit.

3. What is the most popular alcoholic beverage?

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. It is made from malted grains, hops, yeast, and water, and can be found in various styles and flavors.

4. How does alcohol affect the body?

Alcohol affects the body in many ways. It can impair judgment, coordination, and balance. It can also cause liver damage, memory loss, and addiction.

5. Can alcohol be good for you?

Some studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption may have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. However, excessive drinking can have many negative health effects.

6. What is the strongest alcoholic beverage?

The strongest alcoholic beverage is Spirytus, a Polish vodka that is 96% alcohol by volume. It is not recommended for drinking straight and is often used in cocktails or for cooking.

7. Is alcohol addictive?

Yes, alcohol can be addictive. It affects the brain’s reward system and can lead to physical and psychological dependence.

8. What is the legal drinking age in different countries?

The legal drinking age varies from country to country. In the United States, it is 21, while in Canada, it is 18 or 19 depending on the province. In some countries, there is no legal drinking age.

9. What is a hangover?

A hangover is a set of symptoms that occur after drinking too much alcohol. It can include headache, nausea, fatigue, and sensitivity to light and sound. It is caused by dehydration and toxins in the body.

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