30 Interesting Facts About Freddie Highmore from Bates Motel

When he’s not acting, Freddie Highmore is a talented clarinet player and enjoys playing music in his free time.

Freddie Highmore began his acting career at the age of 7 and has since had the opportunity to work alongside renowned actors such as Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Winslet, and Johnny Depp.

Currently, he stars as Norman Bates in A&E’s modern prequel to the classic 1960s film Psycho, called Bates Motel. It’s a fantastic show that is definitely worth a watch!

Today, we’ll be delving into Freddie Highmore’s life, hobbies, and other fascinating facts about him. So, sit back and enjoy learning more about this talented actor.

Freddie’s full name is Alfred Thomas Highmore, and he was born on February 14, 1992, in London, England. This makes him 31 years old.

His father, Edward Highmore, is also an accomplished British actor who starred in many British films and TV dramas until 2002, where his last appearance was in Ali G Indahouse as a minor character.

Freddie’s first film role was at the age of 7 in the 1999 British comedy Women Talking Dirty, where he starred alongside Helena Bonham Carter.

Throughout his career, Freddie has had the opportunity to work with some incredible actors, including Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham Carter, Kristen Bell, the late Robin Williams, and of course, Vera Farmiga.

At the age of 9, Freddie starred in the film Finding Neverland, which was the role that kickstarted his career. He acted alongside both Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, who highly commended him for his role in the film.

It was because of his performance in Finding Neverland that Freddie was recommended for the role of Charlie in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by both Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp. He was also recommended for the role of Norman Bates by Vera Farmiga, who plays Norma Bates in Bates Motel. Vera and Freddie are very close on set, and she refers to him as her best friend, despite their characters not getting along in the show.

Freddie enjoyed working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and he said that his dream of working with Johnny Depp again came true. The two actors are still great friends and spend time together when they’re in the same country.

Helena Bonham Carter has played Freddie’s mother on screen three times. She played his mother in Women Talking Dirty, his mother again in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and his stepmother in the 2010 TV series Toast.

Freddie’s mother is a talent agent who represents him and Daniel Radcliffe, who is known for playing Harry Potter. They were childhood friends and playmates, and Freddie has known the Radcliffe family for most of his life. Although they have both ended up in films, Freddie finds it funny that they have grown up together. In 2007, Freddie was supposed to play Daniel’s role in the film “December Boys,” but he had to back out because his grandmother was ill. Freddie is also a musician and enjoys playing the clarinet in his free time. He loves to travel and wants to see the world’s rainforests. He supports the LGBTQ community and is a multi-linguist, fluent in both Spanish and French. Before accepting any roles, he talks to his family for their opinions and advice. Freddie is also a big soccer fan, and his favorite team is Arsenal. He has no social media accounts because he is not a fan of social media. Freddie is a voice actor and enjoys the challenge it offers. He wrote Episode 8 of “Bates Motel” Season 4 and graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double-first in Spanish and Arabic while balancing his studies and filming the first two seasons of “Bates Motel.”

Freddie is 1.78 meters tall and was born just seven months before Anthony Perkins died. Both actors have portrayed the character of Norman Bates, with Freddie playing the role in the TV series Bates Motel while Anthony starred in the original Psycho film.

In 2004, Freddie appeared in the music video for the Prodigy song ‘Girls’, but it is unlikely that his on-screen mother Norma would have approved.

By early 2017, Freddie had won 12 acting awards, including six for Finding Neverland, two for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two for August Rush, a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actor, and a Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent. He has also been nominated for seven awards for his role in Bates Motel, but has yet to win.

Freddie has lent his voice to several video games, including adaptations of the movies he has appeared in such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Spiderwick Chronicles. He also played Astro Boy alongside actress Kristen Bell in the PSP game of the same name.


1. Who is Freddie Highmore?

Freddie Highmore is an English actor who was born on February 14, 1992. He is best known for his roles in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, and the TV series Bates Motel.

2. What was Freddie Highmore’s breakout role?

Freddie Highmore’s breakout role was in the movie Finding Neverland, where he played the character of Peter Llewelyn Davies. The movie was released in 2004 and received critical acclaim, helping to launch Highmore’s career.

3. What is Freddie Highmore’s most famous role?

Freddie Highmore’s most famous role is that of Norman Bates in the TV series Bates Motel. The show ran from 2013 to 2017 and was a prequel to the movie Psycho. Highmore’s performance as Norman Bates earned him critical praise and a large fan following.

4. Has Freddie Highmore won any awards?

Yes, Freddie Highmore has won several awards for his acting. He won a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Bates Motel in 2018. He has also been nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

5. What other TV shows has Freddie Highmore appeared in?

Freddie Highmore has appeared in several other TV shows, including The Good Doctor, Close to the Enemy, and Toast of London. He has also done voice work for animated shows such as Arthur and Justin and the Knights of Valour.

6. What movies has Freddie Highmore starred in?

Freddie Highmore has starred in numerous movies, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, August Rush, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and The Art of Getting By.

7. Is Freddie Highmore involved in any charitable causes?

Yes, Freddie Highmore is involved in several charitable causes. He is an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust and has participated in several fundraisers for the organization. He has also worked with UNICEF and Save the Children.

8. What are Freddie Highmore’s future projects?

Freddie Highmore’s future projects include the TV series Leonardo, where he will play the role of Leonardo da Vinci. He is also set to star in the movie Way Down, alongside Liam Cunningham and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.

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