30 Interesting Facts About Tristan Evans – Member of The Vamps Band

Tristan Evans experienced the unfortunate event of having his mobile phone stolen while he was on a flight, and it ended up in Mumbai, India in April 2014.

If you are a fan of The Vamps, particularly of Tristan Evans, the young, good-looking British pop-rock band’s member, then you would enjoy these fun facts about him.

Tristan’s full name is Tristan Oliver Vance Evans.

He was born on August 15, 1994, and is 28 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo, and he was born in Devon, England.

Tristan has a sister named Milly and a brother named James. He also has two pet horses and a rabbit.

He used to ride horses in his younger years, but now he plays the drums for The Vamps.

In his free time, he watches the television show 90210 and owns a tiger onesie.

Tristan has confessed that he has a preference for older women and twerks to impress them. He started playing the drums at the age of 7 and won the ‘Young Drummer of the Year’ award in 2010. He can also play the guitar and piano.

After watching The Lion King as a child, he ran around the house roaring like a lion.

Bradley, another member of The Vamps, decides when Tristan needs a shave. Orange is his favorite color, and he has modeled for Saint Kidd along with Brad and James.

He went to a Rihanna concert in Finland and would love to date Demi Lovato, whom he calls a goddess. Tristan is 6ft tall, and his celebrity crush is Iggy Azalea. He has great taste in music and likes Blink 182 and Linkin Park. Some of his favorite movies include Avatar, which was released in 2009, and his favorite song is ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith.

His Twitter profile is @TheVampsTristan.


1. Who is Tristan Evans?

Tristan Evans is the drummer for the British pop-rock band, The Vamps. He was born on August 15, 1994, in Exeter, England, making him 27 years old. Evans has been playing drums since he was a child and joined The Vamps in 2011 alongside bandmates Brad Simpson, James McVey, and Connor Ball.

2. What is Tristan Evans’ favorite song to perform with The Vamps?

Tristan Evans has mentioned in interviews that his favorite song to perform with The Vamps is “Can We Dance.” The upbeat track was the band’s debut single and became a huge hit in the UK, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart.

3. Has Tristan Evans ever appeared on TV or in movies?

Yes, Tristan Evans has made a few appearances on TV shows and movies. He played himself in an episode of the British TV series “Blue Peter” in 2014 and also appeared in the 2015 film “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” as part of The Vamps.

4. What is Tristan Evans’ favorite food?

Tristan Evans has mentioned in interviews that his favorite food is sushi. He even tweeted once about his love for sushi, saying, “I could eat sushi every day and never get bored of it.”

5. Does Tristan Evans have any solo projects or side projects?

While Tristan Evans is primarily focused on his work with The Vamps, he has also dabbled in solo projects and side projects. In 2018, he released a solo single called “The Rhythm” and also collaborated with fellow drummer James Hazell for a drumming project called “Evans & Hazell.”

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