6 Heartbreaking Facts about LOST That Every Fan Should Know

Although LOST has come to a close, its legacy still lives on. The show started on September 22, 2004, as a story about plane crash survivors hoping for rescue. Over time, it became the most mysterious show that the world has ever seen. Even though the show has ended, fans are still uncovering new things about it. Here are six heartbreaking facts about LOST that will make any fan tear up.

Claire Never Knew Charlie’s Greatest Moment

Charlie leaves a note to Claire in “Greatest Hits,” revealing that the greatest moment of his life was when he met her. Sadly, Claire never received the note, and we never see Desmond give it to her. Charlie’s memories, including the moment he met Claire, died with him.

Mr. Eko’s Jesus Stick Was Destroyed

Eko’s Jesus stick was a marker for his grave, but John Locke took it with him on his journey with Kate and Sayid to the Flame Station. The station blew up, destroying everything inside except for the stick, which was still in Locke’s rucksack.

The group arrives at the Barracks where Ben convinces John to destroy the submarine, preventing Jack and Juliet’s escape from the island. Eko’s Jesus stick was last seen in Locke’s bag when he left the submarine and was met by armed men before the submarine exploded. Locke did not bring the stick back with him. In “The End,” Sun was pregnant with Ji Yeon Kwon at the Church, which was a place they made together to move on with the most important people in their lives. Ji Yeon did not meet her father and spent only three years with her mother before she went back to the island to find Jin. Charlie Hume was not at the Church, suggesting that he either had a rough relationship with his parents or found the love of his life and moved on with them. Charlie and his DS ring both ended up in the ocean.

The protagonist left his ring in Aaron’s crib before departing for his mission to The Looking Glass. Aaron, one of the Oceanic 6, never returned to his crib before leaving the island. Three years later, Sun, Ben, and others went to meet Jacob, and Sun discovered Aaron’s abandoned crib, along with Charlie’s ring. However, Sun did not pass the ring on to Claire, so we never saw her emotional attachment to it. It is safe to assume that Sun kept the ring to give to Claire but lost it during the unfortunate incident on the Sub. We did not witness the most emotional reunion on the island, which occurred between Walt and Vincent. The flashback began where “The New Man in Charge” actually began, and Walt did go back to the island, possibly reuniting with Vincent. The facts presented are based on the author’s knowledge of the show, which is open for discussion.



What was the original intended ending for LOST?

The original intended ending for LOST was quite different from what was shown on television. The creators had planned to reveal that the island was actually a science experiment and that the characters were being observed. However, this ending was scrapped due to negative feedback from test audiences.


What was the significance of the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42?

The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 appeared frequently throughout LOST and had significant meaning. They were the numbers that had to be entered into the computer in the hatch every 108 minutes to prevent a catastrophic event. They were also the numbers assigned to the candidates for Jacob’s replacement on the island.


Why did Walt have special abilities?

Walt had special abilities that were hinted at throughout the show. It was revealed that he had a unique connection to the island and was considered to be a “special” child. The Others wanted him for his abilities and tried to take him from the survivors. However, Walt’s storyline was cut short due to the actor’s growth spurt.


What was the purpose of the Dharma Initiative?

The Dharma Initiative was a scientific research project that was founded on the island in the 1970s. Its purpose was to study the unique properties of the island, conduct experiments, and ultimately change the world. However, the project was shut down due to budget cuts and the Purge, which killed most of the members.


What happened to the survivors after the finale?

The finale of LOST left many questions unanswered, including what happened to the survivors after they left the island. The epilogue, “The New Man in Charge,” revealed that Hurley and Ben became the new leaders of the island and that Walt was brought back to help. The survivors who left the island were shown to have returned to their normal lives, but with a newfound appreciation for the time they spent on the island.


What was the Smoke Monster?

The Smoke Monster was a mysterious entity on the island that took the form of deceased characters, including John Locke. It was revealed that the Smoke Monster was actually the Man in Black, who was transformed into the entity by the island’s energy. The Man in Black sought to leave the island and destroy it, but was ultimately stopped by Jack.

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