9 Places Where Losts Apollo Bar Made an Appearance

In Call of Duty: MW3, there is an “Lost” Easter Egg that reveals the presence of Lost’s Apollo Candy Bar.

During the six years that we watched and discussed ABC’s LOST, one of the many mysteries revolved around a nutty, chocolate candy bar called ‘Apollo’.

The Apollo chocolate bar was the only food item we saw on the island without the Dharma branding. However, it was much more significant than just a piece of candy.

In 2006, during The Lost Experience, real Apollo Bars were produced and distributed among Lost fans worldwide, tying into the mysterious online game.

On the Apollo website, a detailed history of the company and its founder was also provided. We discovered that the manufacturer, the Apollo Candy Company, was established in San Francisco in 1962.

During the challenging times of the 1970s, the company was saved by Alvar Hanso, the head of the Hanso Foundation, which funded the Dharma Initiative.

However, we are not here to discuss the mysteries today. Our focus is on eight locations where we saw Lost’s Apollo bar.


This one’s obvious. However, the not-so-obvious location of the Apollo bar is in the episode ‘Not In Portland’.

Juliette truthfully jokes to Richard Aplert, stating that the only way she would be able to go on this mysterious adventure is if her ex-husband was hit by a bus.

Lo and behold, a bus hits him.

But what does this have to do with Apollo?

Well, it’s difficult to see in the episode as it happens so fast, but the bus actually has a large poster advertising Apollo on the side.

Also, be careful what you wish for!

The Purge: Election Year

Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Juliette, was a lead role in the 2016 Purge film. If you didn’t see the Apollo bar, you’ll regret it!

Thankfully, the child thief puts the candy back and causes no further issues…

Once Upon A Time

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were writers for both Once Upon A Time and Lost.

We see the Apollo bar in many episodes. Henry tells his mother that it’s his favorite candy.

Various characters interact with the nutty, tasty treat, including Jiminy Cricket, The Evil Queen, and, of course, Emma Swan.

We also see the Apollo bar in different sizes, whereas in Lost, we only saw one size.

Brooklyn 99

An undoubtedly funny television series with Andy Samburg as the main character.

In the episode ‘Bureau’, there’s a scene at the end in the hospital, after they arrest a dirty FBI agent, where Captain Hoult tries his first Apollo bar.

Upon eating, he says, “Chocolate and nuts, actually that’s overkill“.

Dead of Summer

In this article, we will discuss various appearances of Apollo Bars in popular culture. Created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Dead of Summer stars Elizabeth Mitchell. In episode 6 of season 1, Drew hands over a Peanut Butter Cup Apollo Bar to Blair. Squeegees, a web series by ABC, features an Apollo Bar in episode 2 during a meeting discussing whether or not there should be more nougat in the bars. Scrubs also features Apollo Bars in season 7 and 8. In Insatiable, the main character, Patty Bladell, eats an Apollo Bar for comfort after being rejected by a boy she likes. Lastly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has an Easter egg featuring an Abollo Bar on the multiplayer map Underground, and a hatch with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 on the Village map.

In Black Ops 3, the numbers can be found on the Man-O-War assault rifle in the Paintshop from the main menu. Interestingly, Jack Grillo, who worked on the first episode of Lost as an additional sound designer, also designs sound for Call of Duty. Michael Giacchino, Lost’s music producer, has also worked on several Call of Duty games. Is it a coincidence or fate?

Although known as the Apollo bar from Lost, the Independent Studio Services (ISS) is actually the creator of the famous prop. ISS’s props are seen in many TV shows and films, including Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, 24, 90210, and Breaking Bad. It could appear anywhere without ABC’s permission, but it will always be a Lost Easter Egg to me. Check out some of our other Lost facts if you enjoyed this article.


1. What is Lost’s Apollo Bar?

Lost’s Apollo Bar is a fictional chocolate bar featured in the TV series Lost. It was a favorite snack of the character Hurley, who was known for his love of food and sweets.

2. Is the Apollo Bar a real candy bar?

No, the Apollo Bar is not a real candy bar. It was created specifically for the show Lost and does not exist in the real world.

3. Where can I see the Apollo Bar on Lost?

The Apollo Bar appears in several episodes of Lost, including the pilot episode and the season one finale. It is often seen in the hands of Hurley or the other characters as a prop in various scenes throughout the series.

4. Can I buy a replica of the Apollo Bar?

Yes, there are several companies that sell replicas of the Apollo Bar. These are usually made of chocolate or other edible materials and are designed to look like the one from the show.

5. What does the Apollo Bar taste like?

The taste of the Apollo Bar is never described in the show, so it is unknown what it would taste like. However, many fans have speculated that it would be a delicious chocolate bar with a creamy, rich flavor.

6. What other Lost merchandise features the Apollo Bar?

In addition to replica Apollo Bars, there are also t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise featuring the Apollo Bar and its distinctive logo. These items are popular among fans of the show and are often used as collectibles.

7. Why was the Apollo Bar chosen for Lost?

The Apollo Bar was chosen as a prop for Lost because it fit well with the character of Hurley, who was established as a lovable, food-loving character early in the series. The bar also had a distinct logo that could be easily recognized by fans of the show.

8. Are there any real chocolate bars similar to the Apollo Bar?

There are many chocolate bars that are similar to the Apollo Bar in terms of taste and texture. Some popular options include Milky Way, Snickers, and Three Musketeers, which are all creamy, chocolate-filled bars that could be considered similar to the Apollo Bar.

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