A Short History of Terrys Chocolate Orange

Did you know that during World War II, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange headquarters was used for aircraft material production?

Terry’s Chocolate Orange, commonly seen during Christmas time, has been a favorite for decades.

With its unique segments of rich orange chocolate, it makes a great gift all year round and a perfect stocking filler.

But where did it all begin and how long has this popular confectionery been around?

Let’s take a journey through a brief history of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

When did Terry’s Chocolate Orange first appear?

The famous chocolate orange was first sold in 1932 in York, England.

Initially called the “Dessert Chocolate Orange,” it was packaged in a small box just like today.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange followed Terry’s Chocolate Apple, which was invented only six years earlier in 1926.

The Chocolate Apple looked similar to the Chocolate Orange but had a taste of apple-flavored chocolate instead.

Who invented Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

Who is responsible for creating this chocolate wonder, which has been one of the most popular snacks at Christmas for decades?

In 1823, Joseph Terry joined “Bayldon and Berry,” a confectionery shop in Bootham Bar, York – over 100 years before the chocolate orange was sold.

Two years later, he joined new owner George Berry to rename the business “Terry & Berry.” It was renamed again in 1828 to “Joseph Terry and Company” when Berry left the firm.

Joseph Terry died in 1850, but the business was left to his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons.

When Frank and Noel Terry gained control of the company in 1923, they developed a new factory – Terry’s Chocolate Works – and a brand new line of products.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange was among the first to be released, along with the Chocolate Apple and Terry’s All Gold.

Terry’s Chocolate Works produced aircraft materials in WWII.

During the Second World War from 1939-1945, Terry’s headquarters became a factory to produce aircraft materials.

F. Hills and Sons, based in Manchester, took over the premises to fix and make propellor blades for military aircraft.

The factory was returned to Terry’s – officially named Terry’s of York – after the war, but rationing and limited imports made it difficult to scale up production of confectionery items.

Terry’s had many owners through the years.

In 1977, Colgate-Palmolive became the new owners of Terry’s before selling it to United Biscuits.

United Biscuits faced financial problems in 1993, resulting in Terry’s of York being sold to Kraft Foods, which officially renamed it Terry’s in 2000.

Kraft Foods closed the York-based chocolate factory in 2005 and moved production elsewhere in Europe. Terry’s continued to be produced and sold from factories in Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden.

After Kraft Foods split in 2012, Mondelēz International took over Terry’s. However, in just four years, Eurazeo acquired the brand. Terry’s then became a part of Carambar & Co in 2017, a company dedicated to reviving legendary brands. Terry’s Chocolate Orange has had over 20 different flavors, including a chocolate lemon that was discontinued just three years after its release. The chocolate apple was also discontinued in 1954 due to a limited supply of cocoa after World War 2. Terry’s has since expanded with chocolate bars, snack bags, Easter eggs, and mini eggs. Despite the challenges, Terry’s has become the 28th most popular chocolate brand in the United Kingdom, from its humble beginnings in York.


1. What is Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a type of chocolate confectionery that is shaped like an orange and consists of chocolate segments that are designed to be easily broken apart. The chocolate is flavored with oil of orange to give it a unique taste that is reminiscent of eating an actual orange.

2. Who invented Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

Terry’s Chocolate Orange was invented by Terry’s of York, a confectionery company that was founded in York, England in 1767. The company was bought by Kraft Foods in 1993 and is now owned by Mondelez International.

3. When was Terry’s Chocolate Orange first introduced?

The exact date that Terry’s Chocolate Orange was first introduced is unclear, but it is believed to have been sometime in the 1930s or 1940s. The product became popular in the UK and has since been exported to many other countries around the world.

4. What are some variations of Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

Over the years, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has been produced in a variety of different flavors and formats. Some of the most popular variations include white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate with popping candy, and mini chocolate oranges that are designed to be given as gifts.

5. Is Terry’s Chocolate Orange still popular today?

Despite being introduced many decades ago, Terry’s Chocolate Orange remains a popular treat around the world. The product is particularly popular during the holiday season and is often given as a gift or used as a stocking stuffer.

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