Interesting Facts About Andrew Lincoln, the Actor Who Plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead

Despite the demanding schedule of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln did not require a personal trainer to maintain his fitness.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’re probably familiar with Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays the role of former sheriff Rick Grimes. But what do we really know about this talented actor? Discover the top 25 interesting facts about Andrew Lincoln below:

– Andrew Lincoln’s birth name is Andrew James Clutterbuck.

– He was born on September 14th, 1973 in London, England, making him 49 years old. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

– Although he has mastered a Southern accent for his role on The Walking Dead, Lincoln is actually British and was born and raised in London.

– His father worked as a civil engineer, while his mother was a nurse.

– Lincoln has an older brother named Richard Clutterbuck.

– He decided to adopt the stage name “Lincoln” while in college because he thought his birth name sounded like a character from a Charles Dickens novel.

– In high school, Lincoln played rugby but gave it up to pursue acting after being discouraged by his coach. He landed the role of The Artful Dodger in the school production of Oliver.

– Lincoln made his television debut in 1994, playing the character Terry on the UK sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey. The episode was titled “Births and Deaths”.

– He has done voiceover work for various commercials, as well as narrating documentaries in the UK.

– Lincoln gained popularity in the US after starring in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually. He played the character Mark, who was secretly in love with his best friend’s wife.

– Three weeks before filming The Walking Dead started, Lincoln practiced his Georgia accent by ordering coffee and fried chicken.

– Lincoln maintains his Georgia dialect throughout the day while filming to stay in character. He also works with a dialect coach.

– Due to the show’s demanding schedule, Lincoln did not require a personal trainer to stay in shape.

– Lincoln has been known to invite his fellow cast members to his home for dinner. Steven Yeun, who played Glenn Rhee, has said that he enjoyed Lincoln’s spaghetti Bolognese.

– Lincoln has won two awards for his portrayal of Rick Grimes: a 2014 People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Anti-Hero and a TV Guide Award for Favorite Actor.

– In 2004, Lincoln was nominated for a BAFTA award for directing two episodes of the British television show Teachers.

– Lincoln has blue eyes.

– He married Gael Anderson on June 10th, 2006. The couple has two children named Matilda and Arthur.

– Lincoln and Jon Bernthal, who played Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead, are close friends in real life. They were both cast as regulars on the show after auditioning together for the pilot episode.

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1. Who is Andrew Lincoln?

Andrew Lincoln is an English actor best known for his role as Rick Grimes in the popular TV series “The Walking Dead.”

2. What other notable roles has Andrew Lincoln played?

Andrew Lincoln has appeared in several other TV shows and movies, including “Love Actually,” “Strike Back,” and “Teachers.”

3. How did Andrew Lincoln prepare for his role as Rick Grimes?

Andrew Lincoln prepared for his role as Rick Grimes by reading the “Walking Dead” comics and studying the character’s personality and motivation. He also underwent rigorous physical training to portray the role convincingly.

4. What is Andrew Lincoln’s approach to acting?

Andrew Lincoln is known for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to fully immerse himself in his roles. He has mentioned in interviews that he likes to “live” in the character’s skin and explore their emotions and motivations.

5. Has Andrew Lincoln won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Andrew Lincoln has won several awards for his acting, including a Saturn Award for Best Actor in a Television Series and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Anti-Hero.

6. What are some interesting facts about Andrew Lincoln?

Andrew Lincoln is fluent in Portuguese, having lived in Portugal for several years as a child. He is also a talented musician and has played in several bands throughout his career.

7. What are some of Andrew Lincoln’s hobbies and interests?

Andrew Lincoln is a passionate environmentalist and has worked with several environmental organizations over the years. He is also an avid football (soccer) fan and supports the Arsenal Football Club.

8. What is Andrew Lincoln currently working on?

As of 2021, Andrew Lincoln is set to star in a new TV series called “Penguin Bloom” and has several other projects in the works. He also continues to be involved in environmental activism and charitable causes.

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