Interesting Facts About Chris Griffin from Family Guy

It may come as a surprise, but Chris Griffin was actually born due to a split condom, which resulted in the Griffin family taking the condom company to court and winning.

If you’re a fan of Family Guy, don’t miss out on these fascinating facts about the lovable and kind-hearted Chris Griffin, who may not be the brightest bulb in the box but certainly has his quirks.

His name is Christopher Cross Griffin

Despite the amusing similarity to the phrase “Chris Cross,” Chris’s middle name is actually after the popular singer Christopher Cross from the 1980s.

Chris is voiced by Seth Green

Seth Green, who also voices Brian’s son Dylan Flannigan and Mort’s son Neil Goldman, provides the voice for Chris.

Chris is 14 years old

During the first three seasons, Chris is 13 years old, but he reaches 14 in the episode “Trading Places.” Unlike his sister Meg, who has aged three years during the show’s run, Chris has only aged one year.

Chris’s birthday is February 8th, which coincides with Seth Green’s birthday.

Chris has held a variety of jobs

Chris was a paperboy until season six of the show, but he later got a job as a cashier at Quahog Mini-Mart. He has also worked as a Rickshaw driver, a waiter at Big Pete’s House of Munch, and a worker in the shipping department of the Pawtucket Brewery.

Chris was born as an accident

As previously mentioned, Chris was born due to a broken condom, which led to Peter and Lois filing a lawsuit against the company and using the money to buy their current home. This was revealed in the episode “Emission Impossible.”

Chris shares similarities with his father Peter

Chris is overweight, lacks common sense, and has a low IQ, much like his father. However, he is also a talented artist and has a wealth of knowledge about film and TV actors.

The Evil Monkey

An unseen character who lived in Chris’s bedroom closet and tormented him regularly, the Evil Monkey was eventually captured by Chris and revealed to the rest of the family in the episode “Hannah Banana.” Chris and the Evil Monkey eventually became friends, and the monkey now lives in Jake Tucker’s closet.

Interesting tidbits

During the episode “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein,” Peter tells Chris that Jews are smarter and more successful, prompting Chris to consider converting to Judaism to do better in school. Additionally, in the Family Guy video game, Chris is the only member of the Griffin family who is not playable.


1. Who voices Chris Griffin in Family Guy?

Chris Griffin is voiced by Seth Green, an American actor, producer, and writer. He has been the voice actor for Chris since the show’s debut in 1999. Green is also known for his work in films such as Austin Powers, The Italian Job, and Party Monster. He has received critical acclaim for his work on Family Guy, earning two Primetime Emmy Awards nominations for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.

2. What is Chris Griffin’s personality like?

Chris Griffin is known for his childlike innocence and gullibility. He is often portrayed as naive and easily influenced by others. Chris is also shown to have a passion for pop culture and video games. Despite his goofy personality, Chris is a loyal and caring friend to those close to him.

3. What are some of Chris Griffin’s funniest moments on the show?

Chris Griffin has had many hilarious moments on Family Guy. Some of the most memorable include his infamous “milkshake” song, his obsession with Anne Frank, and his failed attempts at dating. Another fan-favorite moment is when Chris becomes a popular artist after accidentally creating a meme-worthy painting of his school principal.

4. How has Chris Griffin’s character evolved throughout the show?

Since the show’s debut, Chris Griffin’s character has undergone some changes. In earlier seasons, he was portrayed as a more innocent and naive character. However, as the show progressed, Chris has become more self-aware and confident in himself. He has also shown growth in his relationships with his family and friends. Despite these changes, Chris remains a beloved and hilarious character on the show.

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