Interesting Facts About Hawaii 2, Maine

Hawaii 2 is a tiny island that spans only six acres of land and is situated in St. George Lake, Maine, USA.

It’s important to note that Hawaii 2 is not the same as the beautiful island of Hawaii, which is home to the stunning beaches of Honolulu.

The Small Island of Hawaii 2 is Located in Maine, USA

Hawaii 2, also known as Birch Island, is located near the town of Liberty in Maine, USA.

The Island Was Purchased by Cards Against Humanity in 2014

Cards Against Humanity, the popular party game company based in Chicago, bought the island for $190,000 in order to raise funds for the Sunlight Foundation.

They split the island into 250,000 parts and licensed them to members of the public as part of their “10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa” campaign.

Hawaii 2 was originally known as Birch Island

The island was initially known as Birch Island before its name was changed by Cards Against Humanity. It’s unclear whether the local government officially accepted the new name.

People have attempted to reach Hawaii 2 by boat

Some people have tried to row or take an inflatable boat to reach Hawaii 2, but it can be dangerous due to ice and snow in the winter. There are also rumors that Cards Against Humanity has hidden a vault on the island, which has piqued the interest of curious adventurers.

However, local residents are not thrilled about the prospect of 250,000 people trying to access the island from their small town.

According to Cards Against Humanity, they bought the island not only to turn the joke into a reality, but also to protect the island for future generations. The purchase of the island proved to be a successful fundraising effort for a good cause and generated a lot of buzz.


1. What is the population of Hawaii?

Hawaii is the 40th most populous state in the United States, with a population of approximately 1.4 million people. Honolulu, the capital and largest city, is home to more than 350,000 residents.

2. What is the state flower of Hawaii?

The state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus, also known as the Pua Aloalo. It was designated as the official flower in 1988, and its bright color and unique shape make it a popular symbol of the islands.

3. What is the state bird of Maine?

The state bird of Maine is the black-capped chickadee, a small bird known for its distinctive call and friendly demeanor. It is a year-round resident of the state and can often be seen flitting among the trees and bushes in parks and gardens.

4. What is the highest point in Hawaii?

The highest point in Hawaii is the summit of Mauna Kea, which reaches an elevation of 13,796 feet above sea level. It is a dormant volcano located on the Big Island, and its height makes it an ideal location for astronomical observatories.

5. What is the state tree of Hawaii?

The state tree of Hawaii is the kukui, also known as the candlenut tree. It is a symbol of enlightenment, protection, and peace, and its nuts were traditionally used by native Hawaiians for lighting and medicinal purposes.

6. What is the state motto of Maine?

The state motto of Maine is “Dirigo,” which is Latin for “I lead.” It was adopted in 1820, when Maine became the 23rd state in the United States, and it reflects the state’s pioneering spirit and leadership in many areas, including shipbuilding, fishing, and forestry.

7. What is the state fish of Hawaii?

The state fish of Hawaii is the humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, also known as the reef triggerfish. Its name is derived from the Hawaiian language and means “triggerfish with a snout like a pig.” It is a popular aquarium fish and is also known for its distinctive pattern of stripes and spots.

8. What is the state dessert of Maine?

The state dessert of Maine is the whoopie pie, a sweet treat made from two chocolate cake rounds filled with fluffy white frosting. It is a popular snack throughout the state and is often sold at fairs and festivals, as well as in bakeries and cafes.

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