Interesting Facts About Record-Breaking Food Challenges

The current world record holder for consuming 74 hot dogs in under 10 minutes managed to eat the equivalent height of 2 giraffes!

Competitive eating is a topic that intrigues, interests, and disgusts people in equal measure. For many of us, it’s like a “car crash” topic – we don’t think we want to see or hear about it, but we can’t resist.

That’s why Amica International decided to investigate the facts surrounding some of the craziest record-breaking food challenges ever attempted.

Bon appetite!

2001: Ken Edwards – Most Live Cockroaches Eaten in 60 Seconds.

The idea of eating a cockroach is revolting to most of us, but eating a live one is even worse.

However, Ken Edwards from the UK broke this record live on TV back in 2001 by eating 36 of them in just 60 seconds!

Here are some facts:

  • 36 live Madagascan hissing cockroaches consumed in 60 seconds.
  • Madagascan hissing cockroaches are one of the largest cockroach species, with adults growing up to 3 inches long.
  • The total length of the cockroaches consumed equates to almost 10 feet (3 meters).

2002: Don Lerman – Most Butter Eaten in 5 Minutes.

Butter is something most of us eat as an accompaniment or use for cooking. However, Don Lerman, a US competitive eater, broke the world record for butter consumption within 5 minutes by eating 28 ounces of salted butter in that time.

Here are some facts:

  • 28 ounces of salted butter consumed in 5 minutes.
  • This is equivalent to 2 footballs!
  • The butter contains approximately 5,691 calories, which is more than twice the average man’s daily calorie allowance.

2002: Takeru Kobayashi – Most Cow Brains Eaten in 5 Minutes.

Cow brains are not something most people would want to eat, but Takeru Kobayashi, a Japanese competitive eater, holds the record for eating the most cow brains in 5 minutes. He consumed a whopping 57 of them!

Here are some facts:

  • 57 cow brains eaten in 5 minutes.
  • This is over 11 per minute!
  • The total weight of the cow brains consumed was 18lb (8kg), which is equivalent to the weight of a car tire!

2005: Alex Williams – Most Stinging Nettles Eaten in 1 Minute.

Stinging nettles are not a common food choice, but Alex Williams became a record breaker after eating the most stinging nettles in 1 minute. He made the bet down at the bar with his friends that he would eat a stinging nettle over 15ft (4.5 meters) if anyone could find one – and they did!

Here are some facts:

In 1 minute, a person managed to eat 5ft (1.5 meters) of fresh stinging nettles, which is as tall as a small person. Kelvin Medina broke the world record for eating a 12” pizza in 23.62 seconds with a knife and fork, beating the previous record by over 15 seconds. Gideon Oji ate 408 ounces of kale in 8 minutes, which is equivalent to the average weight of a 2-year-old child. Oleg Zhornitskiy ate 4 bowls (128 oz) of mayonnaise in 8 minutes, which is the equivalent of 80 golf balls. Matt Stonie ate 255 Peeps in 5 minutes, consuming 7,140 calories, which is almost 3 times the daily allowance for the average man, and almost all sugar. Joey Chestnut holds the current world record for the most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes at the “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest”.

The record for the most hot dogs eaten in ten minutes is 74, which is equal to 444 inches or 11 meters. This amount is equivalent to the height of 2 giraffes and contains a shocking 21,460 calories. Speaking of hot dogs, there is a debate as to whether they qualify as a sandwich or not. With these facts in mind, are you up for attempting a record-breaking food challenge or would you prefer to pass?


1. What is a food challenge?

A food challenge is a competition in which a participant attempts to eat a large amount of food within a set time limit. These challenges range from eating a giant burger to consuming several pounds of spicy wings. The goal is to finish the food before the time is up or before you throw up.

2. What is the world’s largest pizza?

The world’s largest pizza was made in Rome in 2012. It was 131 feet in diameter and weighed over 51,000 pounds. The pizza was made by a team of chefs and took over 48 hours to bake.

3. What is the spiciest pepper in the world?

The spiciest pepper in the world is the Carolina Reaper. It measures over 2 million on the Scoville scale, which measures the heat of peppers. To put this into perspective, a jalapeno pepper measures around 5,000 on the Scoville scale.

4. What is the world’s largest burger?

The world’s largest burger was made in Michigan in 2012. It weighed over 2,000 pounds and was 10 feet in diameter. The burger was made with 1,000 pounds of beef and 300 pounds of cheese.

5. What is the world’s hottest chili pepper eating contest?

The world’s hottest chili pepper eating contest is held in the United Kingdom. Participants are required to eat as many Carolina Reaper peppers as possible within a set time limit. The current record is 119 peppers eaten in two minutes.

6. What is the world’s largest hot dog?

The world’s largest hot dog was made in California in 2014. It was 60 feet long and weighed over 1,000 pounds. The hot dog was made with a custom-made bun and topped with gallons of ketchup and mustard.

7. What is the world’s largest sushi roll?

The world’s largest sushi roll was made in Japan in 2013. It was 1.5 kilometers long and weighed over 1,000 pounds. The sushi roll was made by a team of chefs and was enough to feed over 5,000 people.

8. What is the world’s largest ice cream sundae?

The world’s largest ice cream sundae was made in California in 2014. It weighed over 5,000 pounds and was made with over 4,000 gallons of ice cream. The sundae was topped with whipped cream, nuts, and cherries.

9. What is the world’s largest cupcake?

The world’s largest cupcake was made in Texas in 2011. It weighed over 1,000 pounds and was over 4 feet tall. The cupcake was made with over 2,000 eggs and took over 200 hours to bake.

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