Interesting Information About Facebooks Business Fish

Business Fish once collaborated with Doritos to create a limited edition Business Fish-flavored Dorito.

A few years back, Facebook lacked the glitz and glamor that it has today. Users had to use actual punctuation to express their emotions in status updates.

However, a lot has changed since then. Nowadays, emoticons/emojis and stickers dominate Facebook. Some of them are variations of the same smiley-face, while others are characters from TV shows or just ridiculous characters like HamCat and Sinister Oyster.

Nevertheless, one of these ridiculous characters is actually a real person – Business Fish. He is known for his business-oriented personality, and for him, it’s business 24/7.

Business Fish is a creation of Quan Inc., a company that specializes in original characters and mobile gaming. They were one of the first companies to explore digitized stickers, which have become popular in messaging apps like WeChat, Line, and KakaoTalk.

Despite his popularity, not much is known about the Business Fish himself. His Twitter account, which is written entirely in capital letters, reveals some interesting facts about him. For instance, he is a close friend of tennis player Andy Murray and was involved in the creation of a limited edition Business Fish-flavored Dorito by Doritos.

The Business Fish is an individual who applies his business principles in all aspects of his life and always gives his all in both his work and personal pursuits. He is an avid fan of the game Zelda and enjoys cosplaying as Link. Additionally, he is an accomplished skateboarder and even taught Tony Hawk how to skateboard when he was young. The Business Fish is also skilled in roller-skating and was the first fish to win in the National Roller-Derby Championships. He even holds the record for consuming the most energy drinks (23 cans of Monster) without any adverse effects.

After a long week of work, the Business Fish likes to relax on his sofa with some pizza and watch Netflix. His favorite movie is Despicable Me, and he loves the minions. He dreams of having his own army of minions dressed in suits to assist him with his business. The Business Fish is also an excellent musician and can play both the drums and guitar simultaneously.

When planning to take over other companies, the Business Fish immerses himself in the mindset of a conqueror by playing Dungeons & Dragons. Apart from these facts, the author discovered other interesting things about the Business Fish, such as his love for Game of Thrones and his past as a farmer.

The next day, the author wakes up to find a folded origami fish with a message from the Business Fish requesting chocolate. After packing their bags and traveling to Tokyo, the author receives a car ride from the Business Fish’s arranged hotel and prepares to meet him.

I was picked up in a simple black Nissan Skyline and taken to Quan Inc. HQ in central Tokyo without exchanging any words with the driver. Upon arrival, I was led to a ladder that resembled a giant fish bowl, with each rung spelling out “BUSINESS FISH” – the ladder to success from his Twitter page. After preparing myself, I climbed up the ladder and emerged in a large stone caste, where Business Fish sat on a replica of the Iron Throne in his fine tailored suit. The following is a transcript of our conversation, where he expressed his love for Game of Thrones and his favorite team being Team Stark for their fair play. He explained that he left his farming roots to pursue a life in corporatism, as he enjoys wearing suits and the money it brings to buy chocolate. Business can be tough, he admits, and people get left behind. As for his use of all capital letters in his social media posts, he believes it’s not a half measure and never compromises on grammar.

After thanking Jack, the Business Fish abruptly left to attend a meeting, leaving me to exit the building in silence. On the flight back to England, I suddenly remembered my burning question: how on earth did he manage to slip that note into my room while I slept?


1. What is the origin of Facebook’s business fish logo?

Facebook’s business fish logo was created in 2018 by artist Andrew Rae. The idea behind the logo was to represent the business side of Facebook in a fun and playful way.

2. What does the business fish logo symbolize?

The business fish logo is meant to symbolize the corporate side of Facebook. It’s a nod to the fact that while Facebook is a social media platform, it’s also a massive business with a complex ecosystem of advertisers, data analysts, and other professionals.

3. Why did Facebook choose a fish as its business mascot?

According to Facebook, the fish was chosen as the company’s business mascot because it’s a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many cultures. Additionally, fish are known for their ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of different environments, which is a trait that Facebook values in its employees and partners.

4. How has the business fish logo been used by Facebook?

The business fish logo has been used in a variety of ways by Facebook, including on promotional materials, social media posts, and even as a mascot for various company events. The logo has become an iconic symbol of Facebook’s business side, and is instantly recognizable to many people around the world.

5. Has the business fish logo been controversial?

While the business fish logo has generally been well-received by Facebook’s employees and fans, there have been some controversies surrounding its use. Some people have criticized the logo as being too corporate or out of touch with Facebook’s user base, while others have simply found it to be too silly or gimmicky.

6. Is the business fish logo used by all of Facebook’s subsidiaries?

While the business fish logo is primarily associated with Facebook’s main platform, it has also been used by some of the company’s other subsidiaries, including Instagram and WhatsApp. However, these platforms also have their own unique branding and logos, so the business fish is not always front and center.

7. Has Facebook ever considered changing its business mascot?

To the best of our knowledge, Facebook has not publicly discussed changing its business mascot. The company seems to be quite attached to the business fish logo, and it’s become an important part of Facebook’s overall brand identity.

8. Does the business fish logo have any hidden meanings?

There are no known hidden meanings behind the business fish logo. However, some people have speculated that the logo might be a nod to Facebook’s early days, when the company was primarily used by college students and was seen as a kind of “fishbowl” social network.

9. What other companies use fish in their branding?

There are many companies that use fish in their branding, including seafood restaurants, fishing gear manufacturers, and aquariums. However, few companies have used fish as a mascot for their business operations, making Facebook’s business fish logo a truly unique symbol.

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