Is a Hot Dog Considered a Sandwich?

Fun fact: the sandwich originated in 1762 by the Earl of Sandwich.

Today, we must address a pressing issue that has sparked controversy and debate. It’s a problem that seems to defy all laws of physics, has caused rifts in families, and has set events in motion that cannot be undone.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, is a hot dog a sandwich?

The question has plagued people all over the world, especially after Merriam-Webster’s dictionary declared on May 27, 2016, that a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.

This declaration caused a stir in both hot dog and sandwich communities, and the argument continues to rage on.

So, is a hot dog a sandwich, or is it simply a hot dog?

Let’s examine both sides of the argument before giving you the answer.

Yes, a hot dog is a sandwich, and here’s why:

When people need an answer to a question, they often turn to Google and Wikipedia for information.

According to Wikipedia, a hot dog is a “grilled or steamed sausage sandwich where the sausage is served in the slit of a partially sliced bun.”

Although Wikipedia is not a definitive source, it is clear that many people agree with this definition, so why not accept it and move on?

The second argument for hot dogs being sandwiches is the contents. Hot dogs consist of sausages, condiments, and a partially sliced bun. If you replace the sausage with meat, falafel, or shredded pork, it would be considered a sandwich. Therefore, a hot dog is a sandwich.

No, a hot dog is not a sandwich!

As with any argument, there are two sides to the hot dog debate.

The humble hot dog and sandwich have been the subject of debate as to whether a hot dog can be considered a sandwich. The hot dog originated in Central Europe, while sandwiches were invented in Britain by the Earl of Sandwich. While the hot dog is focused on the frankfurter sausage, a sandwich is based on the concept of putting food between two pieces of bread. Menus in cafes separate the two, supporting the argument that they are different. Ultimately, we give names to things for a reason and a hot dog is not a sandwich. However, the debate continues.


1. Is a hot dog considered a sandwich?

There has been much debate over whether or not a hot dog can be considered a sandwich. While some argue that it is simply a type of sandwich, others believe that it is in a category of its own. The main argument against classifying a hot dog as a sandwich is that it is typically served on a split roll or bun rather than two separate pieces of bread. However, others point out that the definition of a sandwich is simply “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.” Therefore, by this definition, a hot dog could technically be classified as a sandwich.

2. What makes a sandwich a sandwich?

A sandwich is typically defined as two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a filling in between. The filling can vary widely, from meats and cheeses to vegetables and spreads. The bread used can also vary, from classic white bread to baguettes, rolls, and wraps. The key components of a sandwich are the bread and the filling, which are usually held together by some sort of condiment or spread. While there are many variations on the classic sandwich, these basic components are what make a sandwich a sandwich.

3. Are there any other foods that could be considered sandwiches?

While the classic sandwich typically consists of two slices of bread with a filling in between, there are many other foods that could be considered sandwiches. For example, a wrap is essentially a sandwich made with a tortilla or other type of flatbread. A burger can also be considered a type of sandwich, as it consists of a filling (the burger patty) between two slices of bread (the bun). Some people may even consider a burrito or quesadilla to be a type of sandwich, as they consist of a filling wrapped in a tortilla or flatbread. Ultimately, whether or not a food is considered a sandwich depends on one’s definition of the term.

4. Why is the debate over whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich important?

While the debate over whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich may seem trivial, it touches on larger questions about the nature of language and how we define things. It also raises questions about the importance of categorizing things and the limitations of language in doing so. In some ways, the debate over whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich is a microcosm of larger debates about the nature of reality and how we define and categorize it. Ultimately, whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich may be a matter of personal opinion, but the debate itself can provide insight into larger questions about language and categorization.

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