Meet Spud, the Spineless Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are known for their distinctive spiky appearance, with roughly six thousand brown spines tipped with white.

But have you ever seen a hedgehog without any spikes? Meet Spud, the spineless hedgehog, and learn some fascinating facts!

To me, Spud looks like a furless rat with a large back that has been badly scratched by a cheese grater, or maybe even an old potato!

Spud’s Story

Spud has been under the care of Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire since August 2008. Despite many skin tests, the staff have not found a solution for his lack of spines.

It is unclear whether Spud was born without spines or if the problem developed later in life. He is about three years old and behaves like a normal hedgehog.

Founder Les Stocker expressed concern that Spud might not survive the winter without his spines to keep him warm. However, a spine was found under his skin, indicating that he may be able to grow spines again.

Since coming to the hospital, Spud has been well taken care of and is finally starting to regain his health. His spines have even begun to grow back!

5 Fun Facts About Hedgehogs

1. Hedgehogs can live up to five years.

2. Hedgehogs have poor eyesight but excellent senses of smell and hearing.

3. Hedgehogs primarily eat insects like earthworms and slugs, as well as bird eggs.

4. Hedgehogs are the only spiny mammal in Britain.

5. Hedgehogs have roughly six thousand spines, which are brown with white tips.

As you can see, hedgehogs are truly fascinating creatures! And despite his lack of spines, Spud is a unique and beloved member of the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital family.


1. Who is Spud the Spineless Hedgehog?

Spud the Spineless Hedgehog is a unique hedgehog who was born without spines. He was rescued by Wildlife Aid Foundation in the UK and has become the organization’s ambassador for hedgehogs.

2. How did Spud become famous?

Spud became famous after a video of him went viral on social media. The video showed Spud walking around without any spines, which is a rare phenomenon in hedgehogs. He quickly became an internet sensation and captured the hearts of many people.

3. What is the purpose of Spud’s fame?

The purpose of Spud’s fame is to raise awareness about hedgehogs and their conservation. Spud is used as an ambassador for hedgehogs to educate people about the importance of protecting their habitat and preventing their decline in numbers.

4. Can spineless hedgehogs survive in the wild?

Spineless hedgehogs have a lower chance of survival in the wild as their spines provide protection from predators and help them regulate their body temperature. However, some spineless hedgehogs have been known to survive in captivity with proper care.

5. How does Spud protect himself without spines?

Spud protects himself without spines by relying on his natural camouflage and hiding abilities. He also has a strong sense of smell and hearing which helps him detect potential threats.

6. Can Spud have babies?

It is unknown if Spud can have babies as he is a male and has not been paired with a female hedgehog. However, it is possible for spineless hedgehogs to reproduce as they have all the necessary reproductive organs.

7. What is the lifespan of a hedgehog?

The lifespan of a hedgehog is typically 2-5 years in the wild and up to 8 years in captivity with proper care and nutrition.

8. What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs are omnivores and eat a variety of foods including insects, slugs, snails, fruits, and vegetables. It is important to provide them with a balanced diet to ensure their health and well-being.

9. How can I help protect hedgehogs?

You can help protect hedgehogs by creating a hedgehog-friendly garden with access to food, water, and shelter. You can also support organizations that work to protect hedgehogs and their habitat.

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