The Kangaskhan and Cubone Pokémon Theory

One of the most popular theories about Pokémon is that Kangaskhan and Cubone are actually the same species.

If you were a kid in the 90s, you probably remember the Pokémon craze. Kangaskhan (No. 115) is unique because it doesn’t evolve and is only known as an adult. This means that its baby doesn’t have its own species.

All other Pokémon have a recognizable baby form or a pre-evolution that looks similar to the adult version, but smaller. So what if Cubone is actually Kangaskhan’s pre-evolution?

In order to evolve into a Kanghaskan, it needs a mother’s attention. However, if the mother were to die, the little Cubone would take its mother’s skull as protection and evolve into a Marowak all on its own. You might wonder why it doesn’t evolve into a Kangaskhan, but items in the Pokémon games can have an effect on evolution. In this case, it’s the skull on Cubone that causes it to evolve into Marowak.

Another interesting aspect of this theory is the stomach pouch on Kangaskhan. It’s a female-only species with no male counterpart, but the gender of a baby Kangaskhan is never mentioned. So, Cubones could be male baby Kangaskhans which is why they don’t have a pouch. If they were to evolve into an adult Kangaskhan, they would become female.

What’s Your Take?

This theory is well thought out and actually makes sense. It would be great if the creator of Pokémon could confirm it. If you enjoyed this theory, be sure to check out the Venomoth/Butterfree theory too!


1. What is the Baby Kangaskhan Theory in Pokémon?

The Baby Kangaskhan Theory is a fan theory that suggests that the baby Kangaskhan that is seen in the pouch of its mother is actually a separate Pokémon. According to the theory, Kangaskhan is a two-stage evolution, with the baby in the pouch being the first stage and the adult Kangaskhan being the second stage. This theory has gained popularity among Pokémon fans and has even been referenced in official Pokémon media.

2. Is there any evidence to support the Baby Kangaskhan Theory?

While there is no concrete evidence to support the theory, there are some hints in the Pokémon games that suggest that the baby Kangaskhan is more than just a part of its mother. For example, in the Pokédex entry for Kangaskhan in Pokémon Stadium, it says that the baby in its pouch is “very dangerous” and that it will come out of the pouch to play if it gets too excited.

3. How does the Baby Kangaskhan Theory affect gameplay?

The Baby Kangaskhan Theory doesn’t have any direct impact on gameplay, as it is purely a fan theory. However, some fans have used this theory to create custom Pokémon games or mods that include the baby Kangaskhan as a separate Pokémon.

4. Has the Baby Kangaskhan Theory been confirmed or denied by Pokémon creators?

No, the creators of Pokémon have not confirmed or denied the Baby Kangaskhan Theory. However, the theory has been referenced in official Pokémon media, such as the Pokédex entry mentioned earlier, which suggests that the creators are aware of the theory and may find it interesting.

5. Are there any other fan theories related to Kangaskhan?

Yes, there are several other fan theories related to Kangaskhan. One theory suggests that Kangaskhan is related to the Cubone line, as both Pokémon wear skull-like masks and have a similar appearance. Another theory suggests that Kangaskhan is based on the mythological creature, the yowie, which is said to be a large, hairy ape-like creature that lives in the Australian wilderness.

6. What is the origin of the Baby Kangaskhan Theory?

The origin of the Baby Kangaskhan Theory is unclear, but it has been around since at least the early 2000s. The theory gained popularity among Pokémon fans on online forums and discussion boards, and has since become a well-known fan theory in the Pokémon community.

7. How has the Baby Kangaskhan Theory influenced the Pokémon fandom?

The Baby Kangaskhan Theory has become a popular topic of discussion among Pokémon fans, and has inspired fan art, fan fiction, and even custom Pokémon games and mods. The theory has also sparked debate and discussion within the fandom, with some fans arguing in favor of the theory and others dismissing it as just a fan theory.

8. Will the Baby Kangaskhan Theory ever be confirmed or denied?

It’s impossible to say whether the Baby Kangaskhan Theory will ever be confirmed or denied by the creators of Pokémon. However, as the theory has gained popularity and become a well-known part of the Pokémon fandom, it’s possible that the creators may reference it in future Pokémon media or even incorporate it into future games.

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