The Nigerian Philanthropist Who Pays Medical Bills Anonymously

Health insurance is a luxury in Nigeria, where only 5% of the population is covered. Patients in hospitals are not discharged until they clear their medical bills. It is a reality that many Nigerians face every day.

Zeal Akarawai is a financial consultant in his 40s who lives in Nigeria. He is known for his generosity and his willingness to help those in need. With his vast disposable income, he goes around the hospitals in Nigeria and pays the bills of those who cannot afford them. He is often met by social workers who prepare a list of people who are unable to pay their bills. Zeal then goes to the hospital wards, meets the patients and listens to their financial problems. He pays their bills and they go home.

Zeal’s work is called “The Angel Project,” and he receives donations from his family and friends. He keeps receipts in a neat little black book. Once the debt is paid, Zeal doesn’t keep in touch with those he helps. He doesn’t want to be thanked for it. The only thing he asks is that they tell the story of how an angel came and paid their bill.

Zeal says this is just one of the ways he realizes his Christian faith. His aim in life is to show people that everyone can do something to help someone else. He also helps pay for people’s surgeries and on-going treatments when there is a clear end goal in sight.

Zeal’s altruism is bittersweet, as he does not wish to meet the people he helps again. He helped a 10-year-old girl undergo multiple surgeries, but he doesn’t want to meet her again because she reminds him of his son.

According to Zeal, his charitable work at the hospital always leaves him feeling sad due to the government’s failure to provide proper treatment to patients. He stated in an interview that he witnesses the consequences of not having mandatory health insurance every week, resulting in people losing their lives. In Nigeria, only a small percentage of the population has health insurance, and experts are skeptical about implementing a universal healthcare system due to the vast wealth disparities in the country and the millions of impoverished individuals who would need to be covered by the state. However, Zeal remains optimistic and believes that there are solutions to these issues. Until then, he will continue to walk the hospital floors, helping those in need. As he says, “Be the angel you hope to meet.”


1. Who is the Nigerian angel?

The Nigerian angel is a philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous. She has been dubbed the “secret angel” because she quietly pays medical bills for people in Nigeria who are unable to afford them.

2. How did the Nigerian angel start paying medical bills?

The Nigerian angel started paying medical bills after she witnessed a woman in a hospital begging doctors to save her child’s life. The woman did not have enough money to pay for the treatment, and the doctors were hesitant to provide care without payment. The Nigerian angel stepped in and paid for the child’s treatment. Since then, she has been paying medical bills for people in need all across Nigeria.

3. Why does the Nigerian angel prefer to remain anonymous?

The Nigerian angel prefers to remain anonymous because she does not want the attention to be on her. She believes that the focus should be on the people who are receiving the medical care they need. She wants to inspire others to do good deeds without expecting recognition or praise.

4. How does the Nigerian angel choose who to help?

The Nigerian angel chooses who to help based on the severity of their medical condition and their financial situation. She often works with hospitals to identify patients who are in need of financial assistance. She also receives requests for help through social media and other channels.

5. What impact has the Nigerian angel had on the Nigerian healthcare system?

The Nigerian angel has had a significant impact on the Nigerian healthcare system. She has helped thousands of people receive the medical care they need, even when they cannot afford it. Her actions have inspired others to do good deeds and help their fellow citizens. She has also raised awareness about the challenges facing the Nigerian healthcare system and the need for reform.

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