The Process of Making Letters in Stick of Rock

To make the white middle part of a stick of rock, a mixture of sugar, glucose, and water is heated to a temperature of 280°F.

Have you ever eaten a stick of rock while at the beach?

As a resident of the seaside, I’ve always wondered how they get the letters inside every stick. At first, I thought they made the rock and then applied colored ink to the ends, allowing it to run through the middle. However, this idea was pretty silly.

Here is how they do it:

Instead of making each stick separately, they create one large sausage-shaped stick of rock using a lot of mixture.

Afterward, the stick is pulled and rolled until it becomes long and thin, then cut into various sizes for sale.

The middle white part of the stick is made by heating a mixture of sugar, glucose, and water to a temperature of 147°C (296°F).

When the mixture reaches the appropriate temperature, it is poured onto a water-cooled table, and most of it gets transferred to a pulling machine. The pulling machine has three metal arms that continuously rotate and cross each other, providing the mixture with enough air to turn it white.

The colored mixture is used for the letters and is placed on a heated table. The letters must be large enough to stretch the whole length of the rock (approximately 1.2 meters in length and 30 centimeters in diameter).

The letters are created by taking long, flat red strips of the mixture and wrapping them around the white mixture to form the letter, like 3D lettering. For instance, to make the letter ‘O,’ a piece of white mixture is rolled into a thin, solid roll by hand.

A flat strip of red mixture is then rolled out and wrapped around the white roll to form the letter ‘O.’ This is then wrapped by the rest of the white mixture and covered by a colored casing.

So there you have it! The next time you enjoy a stick of rock at the beach, share your newfound knowledge of how the letters are made with others!


1. What is a stick of rock?

A stick of rock is a type of hard candy that is typically found at seaside resorts and tourist destinations. It is made from a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, and flavorings, and is usually shaped like a long, thin cylinder. The most distinctive feature of a stick of rock is the way that letters or images are embedded throughout the candy, creating a colorful and eye-catching design.

2. How are the letters made in a stick of rock?

The process of making the letters in a stick of rock is known as “lettering in.” It involves heating the sugar mixture to a high temperature and then adding colorings and flavorings. The candy is then rolled out into long ropes, which are stretched and twisted to create the desired shape. As the candy cools, the letters are formed by layering different colors of candy on top of each other and then carving away the excess with special tools.

3. What tools are used to make the letters in a stick of rock?

The tools used to create the letters in a stick of rock are called “rock hammers” or “rock chisels.” They are small, handheld instruments that resemble miniature hammers or chisels, and are used to carefully carve away the excess candy from around the letters. The process is very precise, and requires a steady hand and a great deal of skill.

4. How long does it take to make a stick of rock?

The process of making a stick of rock is quite time-consuming, and can take several hours from start to finish. The sugar mixture must be heated to a high temperature and then allowed to cool slightly before it can be rolled out into ropes. The ropes are then stretched and twisted to create the desired shape, and the letters are added by layering different colors of candy on top of each other. Once the candy has cooled and hardened, it is ready to be cut into individual sticks.

5. What flavors are available in a stick of rock?

A stick of rock can come in a wide variety of flavors, from traditional fruit flavors like strawberry and lemon, to more unusual options like bubblegum or cola. Some rock makers also offer specialty flavors like peppermint or cinnamon, which can be particularly popular around the holiday season.

6. Can you customize the letters in a stick of rock?

Yes, many rock makers offer the option to customize the letters or images in a stick of rock. This can be a great way to create a unique and personalized souvenir, or to promote a specific brand or event. Customers can choose the colors and wording of their choice, and the rock maker will create a custom design that is unique to them.

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