Thirty Interesting Facts About 30 Seconds to Mars

12 VIP concert tickets were placed inside 12 copies of 30 Seconds to Mars’ second album, A Beautiful Lie.

30 Seconds to Mars is a rock band from Los Angeles, formed by brothers Jared and Shannon Leto in 1998.

If you’re a fan of the band, you’ll find these facts fascinating!

Solon Bixler was replaced by Tomo Milicevic as the band’s guitarist in 2003.

Matt Wachter was the bassist for 30 Seconds to Mars from 2001 to 2007 and developed a concussion from frequent head-banging on stage.

The band has released three albums: 30 Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie, and This Is War. Their fourth album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, was released in May 2013.

Jared Leto is the band’s lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter.

Despite being a Hollywood actor, Jared Leto chooses not to use his position to promote the band.

Their first album produced two singles: ‘Capricorn (A Brand New Name)’ and ‘Edge of the Earth’.

Their second album, A Beautiful Lie, was released on August 30, 2005.

To promote A Beautiful Lie, the band placed golden tickets inside 12 copies of the album, allowing 12 lucky people to attend any concert for free with backstage access.

A Beautiful Lie was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in January 2006 for distributing over one million albums.

Jared Leto’s middle name is Joseph and he is part Spanish due to his grandfather’s Spanish ancestry.

In 1996 and 1997, Jared was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine.

In August 2008, Virgin Records filed a $30 million lawsuit against the band for refusing to deliver three albums as required by their contract.

As of March 2013, 30 Seconds to Mars has received 80 awards from 146 nominations.

The music video for ‘A Beautiful Lie’ was filmed in Greenland.

Jared never had a pink Mohawk; it was actually pomegranate!

The video for ‘The Kill’ was inspired by the film The Shining by Stephen King.

The band’s phoenix logo is named Mithra.

The song ‘Hunter’ is a cover of a Bjork song.

The band’s name comes from a thesis they found on the internet, which discusses the exponential growth of technology and how humans are quite literally 30 seconds away from Mars.

The symbols in the 30 Seconds to Mars logo have not been confirmed to mean ’30 Seconds to Mars’.

The band is the only one to have filmed an entire music video in China, for their song ‘From Yesterday’.

With the release of This Is War, 30 Seconds to Mars introduced a new logo known as the Triad, which refers to a “group of three” and has three sides in the triangle.

In ‘The Kill’, the room number 6277 is used because it spells out “Mars” on a telephone keypad. The number also appears in the music video for ‘From Yesterday’.

Their song ‘Echelon’ was used in the movie The Core (2003).

The music video for “Hurricane” was not aired on MTV and other TV channels globally due to its mature content. Jared’s preferred beverage is hot chocolate. “Up In The Air” is their debut single from the album “Love Lust Faith + Dreams”. The CD was sent into space on March 1, 2013, with “Up In The Air” being the first commercial music copy in space. Jared Leto described “Echelon” as something special and not suitable for everyone, saying “it’s not a cult, it’s only for those who understand.”


1. What is 30 Seconds to Mars?

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band consisting of lead vocalist Jared Leto, drummer Shannon Leto, and bassist Tomo Milicevic. The band was formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

2. How did the band get its name?

The band’s name comes from a thesis written by a former Harvard professor that suggests that we are all just 30 seconds away from a transformative moment in our lives.

3. What are some of the band’s biggest hits?

Some of the band’s biggest hits include “The Kill (Bury Me),” “Kings and Queens,” “Closer to the Edge,” and “Walk on Water.”

4. What is the band’s musical style?

30 Seconds to Mars’ musical style is often described as alternative rock, with elements of post-grunge, progressive rock, and electronic music.

5. What awards has the band won?

The band has won numerous awards, including a MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video and a Guinness World Record for the Longest Concert Tour by a Rock Band.

6. What movies has Jared Leto starred in?

Jared Leto has starred in several movies, including “Dallas Buyers Club,” for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, “Blade Runner 2049,” and “Suicide Squad.”

7. What other projects has Jared Leto been involved in?

Jared Leto is also a successful musician, producer, and director. He has also been involved in several philanthropic efforts, including supporting Haiti relief efforts and raising awareness for environmental issues.

8. Has the band released any new music recently?

Yes, the band released their fifth studio album, “America,” in 2018. The album features collaborations with several notable artists, including Halsey and Zedd.

9. Are there any upcoming tour dates?

As of now, there are no upcoming tour dates announced for 30 Seconds to Mars. However, fans can stay updated on the band’s website and social media for any future announcements.

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